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Video Testimonials

Watch videos of experienced professionals from the business council discussing their careers and how they achieved success. Benefit from the experience and advise of these professionals who currently serve as mentors.

Jamal Beale

Retired military general and real estate professional talks about the value of mentorship, skills for success, and leadership. Jamal shares special insight into being an effective “Servant Leader”.

Rick Gumina

Professional financial advisor talks about career development, advancement, and risk taking. Ricks shares his experienced insight into how to discover your career path and how to incorporate continuous improvement into your career development plan.

John Paolella

Retired attorney, state assemblyman, and state senator talks about mentorship, networking, and opening doors. John brings his unique experience in politics to his advice on career development.

Dennis Devery

Pilot, aviation expert, and homeland security consultant talks about communications skills, critical listing, and cultural competency. Dennis shares his unique experience in high stress environments to describe the skills required to succeed in a high performance role.

Ryan Lanier

Insurance company district manager talks about his diverse career path and arriving at an unexpected end point. Ryan shares his journey to describe the importance of working outside of your comfort zone and adapting to change.

Deb Clay

Retired VP of technology talks about her diverse career across multiple industries. Deb discusses leveraging your college education into the beginning of a lifelong learning experience. She shares her insight into the value of both depth and breadth of experience and the need for versatility and collaboration in senior leadership roles.