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Benefits and Services

Your personalized experience didn’t stop when you turned your tassel. Take advantage of our alumni partnerships, benefits, career consultations, and more.

Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving

Alumni House

For over 20 years, Monmouth’s Alumni Insurance Program has offered alumni and their family a variety of health, dental, life, long-term care, dental, travel, auto, and theft protection insurance plans. Support from each policy helps offset the cost of alumni-related events and keeps you connected with classmates.

Note: Monmouth does not sell any alumni contact information. Monmouth works with vendors and organizations to provide access to exclusive alumni benefits. Vendors are prohibited from releasing, disclosing, selling or transferring any information to a third party without the University’s prior written permission and must maintain the confidentiality of such information. If you have any questions or concerns regarding alumni contact information, please contact Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving at