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Hawk Pride

Hawk Pride

Dust off your vintage Monmouth gear and show your blue and white spirit. Purchase tickets for home and away games or live-stream your favorite team. However you choose to show your support, it’s always a great day to be a Hawk!

Fight for dear old Monmouth,
Let’s fight and do our best.

On fields of play we’ll triumph,
When we’re put to the test.

The Hawks will go a-soaring,
Victors o’er the rest.

Fight for dear old Monmouth;
We ride the blue wave’s crest

Ride the blue wave’s crest.

Symbol of our skills and virtues,
herald of our dignity;
With these praises we salute you,
Monmouth University.

Growing with each generation,
forming ties that will remain.
Forging true our lives’ foundations
with each goal that we attain.

Soaring from the Jersey Shore,
upon the wind our wings unfurled.
High above the ocean’s roar,
the Blue Hawks rise to meet the world.