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  • Sydney, Australia

    Macquarie University is located in North Ryde, Sydney, New South Wales. Macquarie's 126 hectare park-like campus is an ideal setting in which to discover and learn. Our location within the high-technology corridor of Sydney's north-west enables us to establish close relationships with some of the world's most successful companies providing our students with first class internship opportunities with world leading companies from a range of industries.

    It is approximately a 40-50 minute bus ride and a 40 minute train ride to the center of Sydney. The vibrant and very beautiful city of Sydney will, no doubt, become your extended classroom as convenient and inexpensive bus and train service departs throughout the day from campus.

    The campus enrollment is approximately 33,000 students and 9000 are overseas students (which is what you will be!). Some of Macquarie’s academic highlights include Australian and Aboriginal studies, business, communications, history, politics, biology, computing, psychology, sociology, literature, languages, and education. The University’s library provides seating for 1,850 readers, with a collection of more than 1.8 million books and periodicals. It is open for 85 hours per week. The Office of Computing Services runs several major computer labs, which are connected to the University Backbone Network, which is connected to the Australian Academic and Research Network. There are many terminals available to students throughout the university. Students are able to set up their own Macquarie e-mail accounts.

    Macquarie University is known as Australia’s innovative university. From the state-of-the-art educational and research facilities to the beautiful rolling hills campus, you will be immersed in a first-rate educational and social experience. The campus is rather like a small city with all the amenities students could wish for. You will find the U@MQ Student's Union, a state-of-the-art library, restaurants, arcades, small stores, bookstore, fitness facility, athletic fields, health and counseling center, travel agency, and more. Literally across the street is the huge Macquarie Centre shopping plaza with movie theaters, restaurants, ice-skating, and hundreds of retail shops. Lane Cove National Park is also situated near the campus.

    The International Office at Macquarie University runs an excellent orientation program specifically for study abroad students. This is held the week prior to the start of classes. Some of the issues covered are: medical information; e-mail access; culture shock; getting to know Sydney; how to get involved in clubs, societies, and sports; information about weekend trips; and social events. They even have a specific club for study abroad students called “Club X” that organizes group trips at discounted rates to Sydney Harbor cruises, wine tastings, and rugby games, to name a few.

    The International Office at Macquarie University is housed in its own building. Here you will find the Monmouth University contact person, Alicia Fang, and all the services her office will offer. This office will organize weekend trips and other social events. Typically students will take weekend excursions to cities such as Canberra, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Excursions and information offered through the International Office will help you explore the suburban beaches, water activities on the harbor, visits/tours of the Sydney Opera House, perhaps a Sydney Harbor cruise, or a stroll along the Rocks or the magnificent coastal areas north and south of the city. You’ll most likely attend a "footie" (our soccer) game at the famous Olympic Stadium, and explore the many historical and cultural sites at your disposal.

    Check out the Sydney photo gallery to see the beautiful campus, what the rooms look like, and more!

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