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    The following is a listing of all Clubs and Organizations.

  • 5, 6, 7, 8 Dance Club

    Monmouth University Box: 52

    Contact: Robin Kucharczyk

    Phone: 732-263-5561

    The purpose and goal of this club is to have a way for those interested in dancing to express their abilities through creative choreography produced by the club members while also having fun.

    Accounting Society

    Monmouth University Box: 38

    Contact: Doug Stives

    Phone: 732-263-5894

    The objectives of the Accounting Society are to foster scientific study and research in the field of accounting, develop sound thinking in accounting theory, and more exact knowledge and definition of accounting principles. Membership in this organization is open to any student of the Monmouth University community who shows interest in our objectives.

    Active Minds

    Monmouth University Box: 55

    Contact: Chris McKittrick

    Phone: 732-571-7517

    The purpose of Active Minds is to increase the awareness of the students, faculty, and staff at Monmouth University about issues surrounding mental health, symptoms related to mental health disorders, mental health resources available both on campus and in the surrounding community; to remove stigma surrounding mental health disorders so that students will feel more comfortable openly discussing mental-health related issues and seeking help when it is needed; promote a general awareness of holistic health by emphasizing care of both body and mind; provide information and activities to reduce stigma and raise mental health awareness; and to provide a forum and build an open environment for all students to speak up about mental health.

    African–American Student Union (AASU)

    Monmouth University Box: 34

    Contact: Mark Holfelder/Tyrone Smith

    Phone: 732-263-5871/732-571-3462

    The purpose of the AASU is to provide a forum for students with a common bond to unify and support each other, and share the cultural achievements of black people within the University community. The AASU is an educational, social, and political force on campus to represent and advocate the concerns, problems, and image of African American students. Students can bring about a positive change through working collectively, united together.

    American Marketing Association

    Monmouth University Box: 6

    Contact: Joseph Rocereto

    Phone: 732-263-5713

    The purpose of the Monmouth University Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association is to foster scientific study and research in the field of marketing; to develop sound thinking in marketing theory and more exact knowledge and definition of marketing principles; to improve the methods and techniques of marketing research; to develop better public understanding and appreciation of marketing problems; to study and discuss legislation and judicial decisions regarding marketing; to improve marketing personnel; to record progress in marketing through the publication of outstanding papers; to encourage and uphold sound, honest practices and to keep marketing work on a high ethical plane; to promote friendly relations between students, faculty, and business people; and to develop professional and leadership skills.

    Artists for Change

    Monmouth University Box: 20

    Contact: Mark Ludak

    Phone: 732-263-5760

    The purpose of Monmouth University Artists for Change is to appreciate and experience the world of art, to provide a forum to discuss others' individual ideas and artistic expressions, to provide artists a means to utilize their ability in the real world, and to offer an opportunity for artists to socialize.

    Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA)

    Contact: John Buzza

    Phone: 732-263-5575

    ALPFA expands opportunities for students who seek careers in accounting, finance, business and business related fields by empowering them to develop as leaders through the management of chapters, delivering quality student programs focused on professional development, providing access to our industry network of professional members and sponsors, offering access to scholarship programs and creating opportunities to network with other students.

    Baseball Club

    Monmouth University Box: 45

    Contact: Thomas McCarthy

    Phone: 732-571-7517

    The purpose of Club Baseball is to compete on a high level with other colleges and universities in a safe environment through sportsmanship, leadership, and dedication.

    Blue Hawks Studio

    Contact: George Wurzbach

    Phone: 718-427-3133

    The purpose of Blue Hawks Studio is to manage a recording studio for the use of Monmouth University, the Music Department, and Monmouth students; to run a teaching studio where students can develop recording skills; and to teach the business aspects of a recording studio such as booking, maintenance, and expansion.

    Boom Roasted Productions

    Monmouth University Box: 59

    Contact: Sheri Anderson

    Phone: 732-263-5471

    The purpose of Boom Roasted Productions is to enhance the talent and skills of students in a friendly theater environment.

    Capoeira Club

    Monmouth University Box: c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Michael Richison

    Phone: 732-263-5637

    The purpose of the Capoeira Club is to teach Monmouth University students about the Afro-Brazilian culture and the health benefits and dynamics of capoeira.

    Catholic Campus Ministry

    Monmouth University Box: 28

    Contact: Anne Plantamura

    Phone: 732-571-3461

    The Catholic Centre at Monmouth University is a relaxed home atmosphere where all students are able to grow spiritually, meet new friends, and learn more about the Catholic faith. Events include Sunday Mass, bible study, a coffeehouse, retreats, and BBQs

    Chabad Club

    Monmouth University Box: 60

    Contact: Soloman Schuck

    Phone: 732-571-3682

    The purpose of the Chabad Club is to offer students a chance to meet Jewish students and build Jewish life; to make a place where students socialize in a comfortable home-like setting with great friends, superb food, and stimulating discussions; to create a forum where one can question their faith and not be afraid of judgment; to make partnership between students to help create cutting-edge programming, plan social active projects; and offer volunteer community opportunities; to be a center for prayer and study, where one can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Jewish heritage; and to promote the growth, understanding, awareness, and appeal of Judaism. The Chabad Club is open to everyone interested.

    Cheerleading Team

    Contact: Courtney Ball

    Phone: 732-571-3415

    The Cheerleading Team exists to provide school spirit at the University. The team works with SGA, athletics, the pep band, and the dance team to support Monmouth University. The cheerleaders perform at all home football games, men's and women's home basketball games, and select away and tournament games.

    Chemistry Club

    Monmouth University Box: 19

    Contact: Danuta Szwajkajeer

    Phone: 732-263-5669

    The purpose of the Chemistry Club is to promote social interaction of students in the sciences, to provide students with an opportunity to experience preparing and presenting technical material before science audiences, and to foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges facing modern chemists and other scientists. Anyone interested in chemistry is free to join.

    Chinese Student Association

    Monmouth University Box: 37

    Contact: Jiacun Wang

    Phone: 732-571-4449

    The purpose of the Chinese Student Association is to create a closer bond among the Chinese students at Monmouth and Chinese residents in the community. The organization also helps people of other cultures to have a further understanding of Chinese culture. The organization helps Chinese students reach their goals of assimilating into University life, doing well in school, and having recreational activities of interest to them

    Circle K

    Monmouth University Box: 48

    Contact: Juwan Jackson

    Phone: 732-263-5496

    Circle K is the organization that holds promise of today's college student becoming tomorrow's leader. It exists to meet the personal needs of the individual collegian through the qualities of leadership, the rewards of service, and the unique spirit of friendship. Circle K's potential lies in its ability to positively influence those in our society who are facing ultimate personal decisions, and those who will one day create the vision of mankind for generations to come.

    Club Field Hockey

    Monmouth University Box: Monmouth University c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Joseph Aubourg

    Phone: 732-571-3449

    The purpose of the Club Field Hockey is to play field hockey with other colleges and universities in a safe environment.

    Club Softball Team

    Monmouth University Box: c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Megan Jones

    Phone: 732-571-3465

    The purpose of the Club Softball Team is to promote interest, understanding, and appeal for the game of softball among students; to enrich and evolve the experience of Monmouth University students within recreational sports and co-curricular activities; to teach and enhance skills within sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership, along with physical skills relevant to the sport of softball.

    Coed Sailing Team

    Contact: Jon Cascone

    Phone: 732-263-5187

    The Co-ed sailing team based at the Shrewsbury Sailing & Yacht Club (SSYC) in Oceanport, NJ, only 10 minutes from the Monmouth University campus. The team competes in the Mid Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association (MAISA) which is comprised of teams from southern Virginia to upstate New York. The University owns a fleet of 18 Flying Junior (FJ) sailboats and the program is open to sailors of all experience levels, including beginners.

    College Republicans

    Monmouth University Box: Monmouth University c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Shaun Golden

    Phone: (732) 571-3444

    The purpose of the College Republicans is to make known and promote the principles of the Republican Party among members of the campus and community, aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government, encourage and assist in the organization and active functioning of the Republican Party at local, state and national levels, and develop political skills and leadership abilities among students as preparation for future service by them to the Party and Community.

    Colleges Against Cancer

    Monmouth University Box: 46

    Contact: Kathleen Stein

    Phone: 732-571-4445

    Colleges Against Cancer is a nationwide collaboration of college students, faculty, and staff dedicated to eliminating cancer by initiating, volunteering for, and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society.

    Commworks (Communications)

    Monmouth University Box: Monmouth University c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Deanna Shoemaker

    Phone: 732-263-5194

    The object of CommWorks is to promote and encourage interest in performance skills and to consistently seek flexible and varied programs of performance activities in this discipline. The organization strives to provide, present, and support regular informative, educational, and/or entertaining programming throughout the year, both on and off campus. Programs may involve public speaking, oral interpretation, discussions, debates, and other projects that promote and encourage performance skills in all dimensions.

    Council For Exceptional Children

    Monmouth University Box: 9

    Contact: Carol McArthur/Stacey Lauderdale

    Phone: 732-923-4618/732-263-5216

    The Council for Exceptional Children is an internationally known organization for educators in the field of special education. This local council holds regularly scheduled on-campus meetings in addition to co-sponsoring a yearly Spring Symposium. Its community service projects involve working with and providing assistance to handicapped children.

    Counseling Students Association

    Contact: Joanne Jodry

    Phone: 732-263-5115

    The Counseling Students Association is dedicated to achieving and maintaining a standard of academic excellence, providing enrichment through service and educational programming, and promoting student networking within and beyond the academic forum.

    Croquet Club

    Contact: Richard Ricciardi

    Phone: 732-319-5113

    The purpose of the Croquet Club is to promote the growth, understanding, awareness, and appeal of croquet. The club offers opportunities for practical and realistic experience with professionals while also allowing members to compete with other clubs both at Monmouth and on other campuses.


    Monmouth University Box: 24

    Contact: Linda Flaming/Corey Inzana

    Phone: 732-263-6263

    The purpose of CRU is to provide students with Christian fellowship, help them grow closer to God and stronger in their faith, and inform them about who God is and how to know Him personally as revealed in the Bible. The group is open to all students with an interest.

    Dance Team

    Contact: Kristen Isaksen

    Phone: 732-263-5562

    The Dance Team serves Monmouth University to bring spirit and reassurance to athletic teams, as well as to compete against other teams to satisfy their own competitive standards. The squad performs at competitions, as well as a number of special events such as parades and fraternity and sorority functions.

    Debate Team

    Monmouth University Box: 51

    Contact: Joe Patten

    Phone: 732-263-5742

    The Debate Team is a student-run group created to participate in national and regional debate tournaments. Members of the debate team promote education of public policy, while promoting Monmouth University in national and regional debate tournaments.

    Economics and Finance Club

    Monmouth University Box: 10

    Contact: John Burke/Robert Scott

    Phone: 732-571-3435/732-263-5532

    The purpose of the Economics and Finance Club is to combine similar interests of economics and finance through various activities such as guest speakers, field trips, projects, course work, tutoring, and social activities. The club affords the student body various opportunities to explore issues concerning the nation’s economy and financial markets.

    Educational Counseling Student Association Constitution

    Monmouth University Box: c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Dr. Pietro Sasso

    Phone: 732-263-5416

    The purpose of the ECSA is to promote understanding of a broad range of educational counseling issues for graduate students enrolled in the educational counseling program at Monmouth University in the School of Education. The association may do this by sponsoring educational events, organizing social gatherings, raising funds, establishing a collection of research, assessment, and curriculum materials.


    Monmouth University Box: 63

    Contact: John Buzza

    Phone: 732-263-5575

    The mission of this organization is to provide members the best opportunity to make a difference and develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills through learning, practicing, and teaching the principles of free enterprise. Enactus focuses on improving the quality of life and standard of living for members of its community through educating others about the five Enactus education topics: market economics, success skills, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and business ethics.

    Environmental Club

    Monmouth University Box: 49

    Contact: Tiffany Medley/Tony MacDonald

    Phone: 732-263-5453/732-263-5392

    The Environmental Club of Monmouth University was created to promote growth, understanding, awareness, and appeal for environmental activism both on campus and in our community. The Environmental Club also offers an opportunity for practical and realistic experience in related professions.

    Gender Studies

    Monmouth University Box: 11

    Contact: Susan Bucks/Claude Taylor

    Phone: 732-263-5591/ 732-263-5668

    The purpose of the Gender Studies Club is to promote gender equality among Monmouth University and the surrounding communities; to promote an understanding of how gender inequality intersects with other forms of inequality such as race, class and sexuality; to communicate, understand, and attempt to find resolutions for the issues of gender injustice and these related forms of inequality for all members of society; to facilitate an open and stereotype-free atmosphere where every type of person will feel welcome regardless of gender, sexuality, race, ability, age or national origin; to organize events related to these themes.

    Global Service Project

    Monmouth University Box: 16

    Contact: Charles Cotton

    Phone: 732-571-3444

    The purpose of Global Service Project is to help Monmouth University students become more aware of global issues and to enable students to study abroad for internships. Membership is open to all currently enrolled full-time students of any major or minor.

    Harmonic Joules Glee Club

    Monmouth University Box: 26

    Contact: George Wurzbach

    Phone: 732-923-4636

    Harmonic Joules Glee Club promotes the growth, understanding, awareness, and appeal for singing and dancing. The group provides and supports the appreciation of musical theater and offers an experience for education in the field of musical performance through performing.

    Hero Campaign for Designated Drivers

    Monmouth University Box: Monmouth University c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Suanne Schaad

    Phone: 732-263-5804

    The purpose of the HERO Campaign Club is to promote the use of designated drivers on campus and in our local community, raise awareness and knowledge of drunk driving throughout the Monmouth University community, and emphasize the role of safety and personal responsibility.


    Monmouth University Box: 35

    Contact: Lori Lichter

    Phone: 732-571-7533

    The purpose of Hillel is to provide facilities, guidance, and organization for religious, cultural, educational, and social welfare for Jewish students at Monmouth University in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Hillel Foundation. Hillel also provides the general student population with a better understanding and appreciation of the Jewish culture. Membership is open to all students.

    History and Anthropology Club

    Monmouth University Box: 31

    Contact: Melissa Ziobro/Richard Veit

    Phone: 732-571-3440/732-263-5699

    The purpose of the club is to promote fellowship among anthropology majors. The society welcomes all Monmouth students to participate in lectures and activities that stimulate interest in the various ethnic cultures that exist both on and off campus.

    Human Resources Student Chapter

    Monmouth University Box: 53

    Contact: Jeff Mass

    Phone: 732-571-3597

    The purpose of the Monmouth University Human Resources Student Chapter is to teach members about human resources as well as many other related business topics, provide members with networking opportunities, explore careers in human resources, broaden overall business perspectives, and help members gain increased visibility and leadership skills.

    Ice Hawks Clubs

    Contact: Michael Phillips Anderson

    Phone: 732-263-5357

    The Ice Hawks Club provides a means by which students can participate in playing ice hockey at the club level against other institutions for higher learning. Membership includes fulltime students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Participants will be selected after a series of tryouts, to be held one month prior to the start of the season. The team as a whole (players and coaches) will adhere to the guidelines set forth by USA Hockey game officials.

    Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers/Association of Computing Machinery (IEEE/ACM)

    Monmouth University Box: c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Jamie Kretsch

    Phone: 732-571-4456

    Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers / Association of Computing Machinery at Monmouth University is a student branch of the international IEEE and ACM organizations. Monmouth University IEEE/ACM is dedicated to fostering technical innovation and professional development in the area of electronics and electrical engineering. We are the future of software, innovation, and technical management that want to see exciting technology happen now. Our goal on campus is to provide the out of classroom support necessary to make these dreams a reality. Additionally, Monmouth University IEEE/ACM Student Chapter works to link the Software Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Technology faculty and students to advance learning opportunities.

    International Business Network

    Monmouth University Box: 27

    Contact: Susan Gupta/Janeth Merkle

    Phone: 732-571-3639/732-571-3483

    The main objective of the International Business Network is to establish international networks between students and future alumni, creating an environment that can effectively broaden the horizon of students and propel them to their full potential. This group will provide opportunities for students to meet new people in their same majors, as well as many other majors, so they can exchange contact information and their aspirations for the future. The overall goal of this group is to create a mutually beneficial environment in which people can help each other achieve their dreams and capitalize on new opportunities.

    International Club

    Monmouth University Box: 12

    Contact: Barbara Nitzberg

    Phone: 732-571-3640

    Monmouth University currently enrolls approximately 100 undergraduate and graduate students representing more than twenty countries. The International Club has traditionally been active in promoting international student life on campus and in the surrounding community. Club membership is open to all Monmouth students (regardless of national origin). Students new to Monmouth are encouraged to attend biweekly meetings and semester activities. The International Club assists new students with orientation to the campus and with the cultural/social life in the United States.

    International Reading Association Monmouth University Council

    Monmouth University Box: 21

    Contact: Lilly Steiner/Kerry Carley-Rizzuto

    Phone: 732-923-4691/732-923-4619

    The purpose of the IRA is to provide an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to become part of the leading advocacy group for worldwide literacy, to facilitate literacy connections with Monmouth University’s greater community, to foster lifelong reading, and to reach out and support literacy development initiatives for children of any age.

    Italian Club

    Monmouth University Box: 13

    Contact: Maria Simonelli

    Phone: 732-263-5512

    The Italian Club was established to promote the growth, understanding, awareness, and appeal for Italian culture. It also provides support and opportunities for the co-curricular experience at Monmouth. Anyone interested in the Italian culture is welcome to join.

    Latin American Student Organization

    Monmouth University Box: 23

    Contact: TBD

    Phone: 732-571-3605

    LASO encourages and initiates relationships between Hispanic and non-Hispanic students through multicultural awareness, promotes the need for pursuing a higher education within minority communities, and allows a forum in which potential members can work toward common goals. The organization’s goals are to be recognized as fundamental leaders in the University community, serve in numerous ways, and reach out to members of all communities, especially to those of Latin and minority backgrounds, advocating that there is strength in numbers.

    Math Club

    Monmouth University Box: 47

    Contact: Emanuel Palsu-Andriescu

    Phone: 732-571-3524

    The Math Club seeks to bring more awareness to the math major and math department at Monmouth University. It is a student run organization that relies on the student’s participation and input to stay in effect. Fundraisers and gatherings are held to bring together the group and draw in new members. The club extends invitations to numerous guest speakers to articulate the effects of math in everyday life and give examples of careers that are math related or include some kind of math.

    Men's Lacrosse

    Monmouth University Box: Monmouth University Box: 30

    Contact: Jack Demarest

    Phone: 732-571-3684

    The Men’s Lacrosse club is open to all students interested in practicing and playing lacrosse competitively against other colleges’ men’s club lacrosse teams. Usually, organizational meetings are held in the fall and winter. Practices and competitions will be held in the spring.

    Men's Soccer Club

    Monmouth University Box: 36

    Contact: Mark Ludak

    Phone: 732-263-5760

    The purpose of the Men’s Soccer Club is to have soccer practices and games throughout the semester, to allow students who used to play to continue playing this sport, to help students build team spirit, to help students get in shape in a fun way and to compete with other schools at a club level.

    Monmouth Cinema Club (MCC)

    Monmouth University Box: Monmouth University c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Andrew Demirjian

    Phone: 732-571-7571

    The purpose of Monmouth Cinema Club is to view and discuss classic and contemporary movies, to foster a community of people who want to be movie lovers, and to offer an opportunity to gather a community if one has an idea for a film that they wish to make.

    Monmouth Gamers United

    Monmouth University Box: c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Edward Gonzalez-Tennant

    Phone: 732-571-4458

    The purpose of the Monmouth Gamers United club is to encourage socialization of Monmouth students through the common interest of video games, board games, and card games, to promote campus wide gaming tournaments and to organize club trips to local gaming conventions.

    Monmouth University Pep Band

    Monmouth University Box: 40

    Contact: Bryan Jenner

    Phone: 732-263-5806

    Membership in the Monmouth University Pep Band is open to all registered Monmouth students. Members must be in good academic standing. The pep band works hand-in-hand with the Department of Music and Theatre Arts, the Athletics Department, Student Government, and the Cheerleading Squad, in its efforts to promote and support the activities and events sponsored at Monmouth University.

    Monmouth University Professional Nurses Association (MUPNA)

    Contact: Janet Mahoney

    Phone: 732-263-5271

    The purpose of the MUPNA is to contribute to nursing education and help to provide for the highest quality of healthcare; to aid in the development of nurses’ professional role and their responsibility for the healthcare of people in all walks of life; to provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional interests and concerns; to promote awareness and involvement in nursing education; to act as a liaison between nursing faculty, administration, student government, and nursing students; and to provide an online means of communication for the nursing community at Monmouth University.

    MU Physician Assistant Student Society (MUPASS)

    Monmouth University Box: Monmouth University c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Joe Monaco

    Phone: 732-923-4508

    The purpose of MUPASS is to serve as the official organization for the students of the Monmouth University Physician Assistant Program to promote academic achievement and clinical excellence and to promote the physician assistant as a member of the health care delivery team.

    Music Alliance

    Monmouth University Box: 64

    Contact: George Wurzbach

    Phone: 732-923-4636

    The Music Alliance has the mission to create a community of musicians and likeminded individuals where the common goal is to develop and promote each artist who may become a part of our Alliance to the best of our combined abilities.

    Muslim Student Association

    Monmouth University Box: 56

    Contact: Tyrone Smith

    Phone: 732-571-3462

    The Muslim Student Association was established to facilitate the practice of Islam and to encourage and enhance friendship and cooperation among Muslim students. The group also cultivates a positive image of Islam and Muslims in the University community

    National Student Speech, Language, Hearing Association (NSSLHA)

    Monmouth University Box: Monmouth University c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Dr. Mlawski

    Phone: 732-263-5763

    The purpose of the Chapter is to aid the students of Monmouth University by providing support to encourage professional interest among college university students in the study of human communication sciences and disorders, provide continuity to the dissemination of professional information, and to provide a vehicle for student representation in matters of professional concern.

    National Council of Negro Women (NCNW)

    Monmouth University Box: 43

    Contact: Merissa Jones

    Phone: 732-263-5544

    The National Council of Negro Women’s purpose shall be to foster a wide student interest and participation in activities by providing leadership, programs, and services. Any student of the Monmouth University community is welcome to become a member

    Outdoors Club

    Monmouth University Box: 61

    Contact: William Reynolds

    Phone: 908-601-2736

    The purpose of the Outdoors Club is to promote the growth, understanding, awareness, and appeal of nature through the various activities we sponsor. Activities may include hiking, rafting, camping, surfing, and more.

    Political Science Club

    Monmouth University Box: 17

    Contact: Joseph Patten

    Phone: 732-263-5742

    Events include monthly coffee hours where students, faculty, and staff engage in discussion and debate local, national, and international politics. Guest lectures, films, campus-wide activities, fundraisers, voter registration drives, and debates between candidates for state and national elections are other programs the club is developing.

    Pre-Dental Club

    Monmouth University Box: 30

    Contact: Bernadette Dunphy

    Phone: 732-571-4415

    The purpose of the Pre-Dental Club is to provide a forum for education about dental school and the application process; to provide a support group for those who are interested in exploring dental school as a form of continuing education and dentistry in general; to create networking opportunities amongst dental school faculty and club members; to provide volunteer and service opportunities to help the greater community.

    Pre-Law Club

    Monmouth University Box: 5

    Contact: Gregory Bordelon

    Phone: 732-571-4471

    The purpose of the Pre-Law Club is to discuss and gain knowledge of the law and its professions, to familiarize students with the law school application process and what law school entails, and to provide the general population with a better understanding and appreciation of the law.

    Pre-Veterinary Club

    Monmouth University Box: c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Kathy Maloney

    Phone: 732-263-5645

    The Pre-Veterinary Club purpose is to create a community of students who plan on attending veterinary school after their graduation from Monmouth University. It will prepare students with information on the application process, prerequisite courses, and volunteer experience needed for veterinary professional schools.

    Psychology Club

    Monmouth University Box: 33

    Contact: David Strohmetz

    Phone: 732-263-5212

    The Psychology Club’s members are dedicated to the service of the student body, the Department of Psychology, the University, and the community at large. We are dedicated to achieving and maintaining a standard of academic excellence, providing enrichment through service and educational programming, and promoting the advancement of student participation and achievement within and beyond the academic forum.

    Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

    Monmouth University Box: 29

    Contact: Alexis Nulle

    Phone: 732-571-3449

    The objectives of PRSSA are to encourage the understanding of current theories and procedures in the practice of public relations, to provide students of public relations with the opportunity to become acquainted not only with their peers but with professional practitioners as well, to encourage students to adhere to the highest ideals and principles of the practice of public relations, and to instill in them a professional attitude.

    Residence Hall Association (RHA)

    Monmouth University Box: 2

    Contact: Ryan Kassis

    Phone: 732-263-6280

    The purpose of the RHA is to represent the resident students of Monmouth University to the administration and to communicate and cooperate with the Office of Residential Life. The RHA assists in the planning, promotion, and execution of programs held for individual halls, buildings, areas, or for all resident students in general.

    Running Club

    Monmouth University Box: 64

    Contact: Joseph Compagni

    Phone: 732-571-3676

    The goal of the Running Club is to provide every member with the opportunity to access a network of runners in order to achieve personal and group running goals. The Running Club will serve as a platform for runners to achieve a greater fitness level given the appropriate tools and guidance as well as to promote fundraising for various charities through running.


    Monmouth University Box: 14

    Contact: Terence Bodak/George Gonzalez

    Phone: 732-571-3555/732-263-5741

    The purpose of SPECTRUM is to create and promote awareness for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and queer/questioning community within Monmouth. To provide an open and safe atmosphere for students on campus, share ideas among one another, offer an opportunity for social contacts, supply resources to the LBGTQ community regarding health, well-being, and support, and educate each other and members of the campus community on issues of importance regarding LGBTQ equality.

    Sea Sharps A Capella Group

    Monmouth University Box: 65

    Contact: Dr. Pedram Daneshgar

    Phone: 732-923-4784

    The purpose of Sea Sharps is to give members of the student body an outlet to perform a cappella music at concerts and to compete in a cappella competitions.

    Senior Class

    Contact: Amy Bellina

    Phone: 732-571-3586

    The Senior Class strives to make sure that the seniors of Monmouth University make their last year their best one yet. By organizing activities such as the Senior Class Gift Fundraiser and Senior Week, the organization finds creative activities for their class to enjoy throughout the year.

    Social Work Society

    Monmouth University Box: 3

    Contact: Christa Hogan / Rebecca McCloskey

    Phone: 732-263-5409 / 732-923-4694

    The Social Work Society welcomes all social work majors. This organization allows for informal contributions to the policy-making process of the School of Social Work. Student suggestions have been utilized in broadening the content of some courses. The Social Work Society has a dual focus of service to those in need and the enhancement of professional education.

    Sociology Club

    Monmouth University Box: 25

    Contact: Jennifer McGovern/Johanna Foster

    Phone: 732-923-4658/732-263-5440

    The purpose of the Sociology Club is to encourage individuals to educate themselves and others about sociological issues within society, to sponsor sociological discussions about topics of interest relating to society and its structural components, to provide a forum to hold discussion for students interested in sociological issues, and to offer Monmouth University students ways in which to utilize their sociological education and awareness to the benefit of others both on and off campus.

    Spanish Club

    Monmouth University Box: 57

    Contact: Julia Riordan-Goncalves

    Phone: 732-263-5808

    The purpose of the Spanish Club is to increase Monmouth University’s awareness of the Hispanic culture by putting together a variety of events to promote student involvement, to become involved with the surrounding Hispanic community through community service, and to provide opportunities for both language and social development for Spanish majors and minors.

    Student Activities Board (SAB)

    Monmouth University Box: 68

    Contact: Megan McGowan

    Phone: 732-571-3586

    SAB is the events-planning board of Monmouth University. SAB provides entertainment for the entire student body. All students are welcome to help plan and promote movies, concerts, comedians, special events, lectures, novelty acts, trips, and multicultural events. SAB works with professional performers to provide a wide variety of entertainment.


    Student Advocating Girls Education (SAGE)

    Monmouth University Box: Monmouth University c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Rekha Datta

    Phone: 732-571-4438

    The purpose of SAGE is to promote and protect the right of women and girls nationally and internationally, to have access to education and opportunities, provide an opportunity for students to work at educating, and supporting the need for education for girls worldwide. Raise awareness about gender based discrimination, violence against women, and how education can help society combat such issues.

    Student Alumni Association (SAA)

    Monmouth University Box: 7

    Contact: Laura Macdonald

    Phone: 732-263-5438

    SAA is a service organization encouraged by the Office of Alumni Relations to provide a link between current students and alumni through a structured format of activities and events. SAA holds regular meetings each semester and can be found on the Monmouth University Web site.

    Student United Way

    Monmouth University Box: c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Christine Costello

    Phone: 732-263-5374

    The purpose of the Student United Way Monmouth Chapter is to aid the community in the areas of education, health, and income. The club will allow the students of Monmouth University to find ways to better their community and build relationships with an organization that is nationally known and respected.

    Students in Recovery

    Monmouth University Box: Monmouth University c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Suanne Schaad

    Phone: 732-263-5804

    The purpose of the club is to promote the growth, understanding, awareness and appeal for Students for Recovery. To provide a safe, substance free environment with in the Monmouth University community for students in recovery and those who support recovery and offer support for students who are in recovery, support recovery, and are questioning their need for recovery from substance abuse, mental illness, eating disorders, and other related issues.

    Study Abroad Club

    Monmouth University Box: 42

    Contact: Janet Dustman

    Phone: 732-263-5326

    The Study Abroad Club is an organization set up to promote growth, understanding, awareness, and appeal for studying abroad while in college, for those who are interested in studying abroad or traveling, as well as for those who have returned from or have been involved with studying abroad or traveling.

    Surf Club

    Monmouth University Box: c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Matt Harmon

    Phone: (732) 263-5272

    The purpose of the Surf Club is to create a fun and safe environment for all people with a passion for surfing and body boarding where they can interact with one another and develop their skills, to promote growth and enjoyment of the healthy wholesome sports of surfing and body boarding by encouraging new participants and new spectators.

    Team Monmouth Oral Communications Center

    Monmouth University Box: 58

    Contact: Lorna Schmidt

    Phone: 732-263-5356

    In accordance with both the University and Communication Department missions, the Mission of the Monmouth Oral Communication Center (MOCC) acts as an expert oral communication resource to students, faculty, staff, the University community, and external publics. The center endeavors to provide a nurturing communication environment which fosters confidence and improvement in oral communicators. TEAM MOCC is the student-run management organization of the center.

    The Guardians

    Contact: Nicholas Sewitch

    Phone: 732-571-4440

    The objectives of The Guardians shall be to explore topics of interest, expose students to careers and practitioners, and understand the qualifications necessary to obtain jobs all within the fields of criminal justice and homeland security. The Guardians shall also strengthen the relationship between the criminal justice and homeland security majors.

    Transfer Student Connection

    Monmouth University Box: 50

    Contact: Jean-Marie Delao

    Phone: 732-571-7525

    The purpose of the Transfer Student Connection is to provide assistance for an adjustment in education and surroundings at Monmouth University. They also provide a comfortable and engaging environment for transfer students to create new relationships amongst their peers and advisors and offer a mentorship program to connect transfer students with fellow Monmouth transfer students from around their town or previous school. Membership is open to all interested students.

    Veterans' Association

    Monmouth University Box: 54

    Contact: Jeff Hood

    Phone: 732-263-5258

    The purpose of the Veterans’ Association is to promote growth, understanding, awareness, and charity for all veterans attending Monmouth University. The club raises awareness among the members of the MU community of the contributions veterans have, can, and will make. The club also supports the co-curricular experience at Monmouth University.

    Women's Club Lacrosse

    Monmouth University Box: c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Bill Kamenel

    Phone: 732-571-7501

    The purpose of the Women’s Lacrosse Club is to give students the opportunity to play lacrosse at a competitive level. The Lacrosse Club allows leadership opportunities and focuses on the concept of students working together.

    Women’s Soccer

    Monmouth University Box: 44

    Contact: Carolyn O’Gorman

    Phone: 732-263-5736

    The purpose of the Women’s Soccer Club is to have soccer practices and games throughout the semester, to allow students who used to play to continue playing the sport, to help students build team spirit, to help students get in shape in a fun way and to compete with other schools at a club level.