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  • Alumni Board of Directors


    (elected by board of Directors at annual meeting to a one-year term)

    Karyn Cusanelli '89

    Vice President for Services:
    Christine Clericuzio '04

    Vice President for Programs:
    Kate Stevens '02

    Mari (Campanella) Kovach '82 '86

    Henry Hansch '00


    (Fifteen, of whom five are elected annually by ballot for three-year terms)

    Terms expire 2017

    • Christine Clericuzio '04
    • Karyn (Calabro) Cusanelli '89
    • Kenneth F. LePosa '71
    • Anne (Peddie) Walsh '79

    Terms expire 2018

    • Anthony Campanile '08
    • Henry Hansch '00
    • Kate Stevens '02
    • Sharon Lasher '81
    • Michael Dunlap '88

    Terms expire 2019

    • Hunter Brockriede '11
    • Valerie Centanni '04
    • Cory Kazar '10
    • Mari (Campanella) Kovach '82 '86
    • Thomas Stevens '71


    Admissions Initiatives Chair:
    Vince Valenzuela '94

    Recognition & Milestones Chair:
    Tom Stevens '71

    Career Development Chair
    Christine Dignon '10

    Greek Relations Chair:
    Kathryn Dunn '06

    Nominations Chair:
    Henry Hansch '00

    Social Events Chair:
    Kate Stevens '02

    Philanthropic Outreach Chair:
    Hunter Brockriede '11

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Monmouth University Alumni Association shall be to serve and promote the University and its alumni in a manner that enriches the lives of its members and the quality of the institution.

    The Goals

    • Solicit, broaden, and increase the active alumni volunteer base.
    • Increase alumni participation and involvement in University activities.
    • Increase alumni participation in fund raising activities.
    • Prepare students for a lifelong active role in the alumni association.
    • Promote career networking opportunities and career development for alumni and students.
    • Increase the role of alumni in forming and achieving the University's mission.
    • Identify, recognize, and utilize successful alumni.