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Alumni Board

Alumni Association Board of Directors

Board members serve as ambassadors for the 58,000-plus alumni family. Elected by their peers each spring, this diverse group works closely with Monmouth leadership to engage all alumni through events, volunteer activities, and fundraising efforts.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve and promote the University and its alumni in a manner that enriches the lives of its members and the quality of the institution.


  • Solicit, broaden, and increase the active alumni volunteer base
  • Increase alumni participation in University activities and fundraising efforts
  • Prepare students for a lifelong active role in the Alumni Association
  • Promote networking opportunities and career development for alumni and students
  • Increase the role of alumni in fulfilling the University’s mission

Chairs, Members, and Appointed Representatives

Bayaan Oluyadi ’13


Marissa Purdy

Marissa Purdy ’14

Vice President for Programming

Thomas “TJ” Acerra ’13

Vice President for Services

TJ Acerra
Cindy Daly

Cindy Morganstern Daly ’00M


Nicole Trainor ’99 ’01M ’20 Ed.D.


Nicole Trainer
  • Michael Fedele ’14 ’15M
  • Leslie Fornino ’96
  • Brian Higgins ’94
  • Jihad B. Johnson ’18 ’20M
  • Brandon Karkovice ’12
  • Jessica Kavanagh ’16 ’20M
  • Chelsea Kmiecik ’05 08M
  • Andre Renaudo ’11
  • Qasim Shaikh 20
  • Jeff Smith ’94
  • Joseph Snable ’95
  • Samantha Stillo ’11