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ROI-NJ Higher Education Influencers Issue Recognizes CLONet, Maritime Archaeology

A 2021 CLONet training at Fletcher Lake in Bradley Beach.

ROI-NJ highlighted two UCI-supported programs at Monmouth University in its 2022 list of influencers in higher education. The publication annually profiles leading figures from New Jersey’s 74 higher ed institutions who’ve had the greatest influence and impact at their schools as well as within the business community.

For the first time this year, ROI-NJ included the category “They teach that in college?” which featured unique classes, programs and majors offered around the state. It included the Coastal Lakes Observing Network, led by Endowed Professor in Marine Science Jason Adolf and UCI Community Science Coordinator Erin Conlon, and Monmouth’s maritime archaeology course, taught by Professor of Anthropology Richard Veit and UCI Marine Scientist Jim Nickels.

Through CLONet, Monmouth faculty and students train and equip community volunteers to conduct water sampling at their local lakes and file their results to an online database for analysis. The story notes that CLONet has provided “students hands-on field experience while shedding new light on the causes of harmful algal blooms afflicting New Jersey lakes.”

Maritime archaeology students explore the underwater history of New Jersey through readings, lectures and fieldwork, including the use of side-scan sonar and camera-equipped remote operated vehicle technologies in area waters. “It is one of many offerings that bolster Monmouth University’s highly regarded marine and environmental biology and policy program and the Urban Coast Institute,” the article said. Watch our video below for a glimpse at the course.

ROI-NJ also recognized the following people and programs at Monmouth: