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MacDonald Joins the Citizen Campaign’s Law and Policy Task Force

Tony MacDonaldUrban Coast Institute Director Tony MacDonald has been named a member of the Law and Policy Task Force for the Metuchen, New Jersey-based Citizens Campaign. Founded in 1997 by government law and policy expert Harry Pozycki, the mission of the Citizens Campaign is to educate all Americans to the fullness of their political power and to introduce them to the shared experience of public service performed by participating in “No-Blame Problem Solving” of public issues.

The nonprofit organization consists of a community of practical problem solvers made up of volunteer government law and policy experts, civic leaders, civic-minded business people, high school and college students, teachers, veterans, and service-driven church members, dedicated to empowering fellow Americans through citizen leadership training and exposure to community-based public service options that offer citizens the opportunity to exercise leadership without having to run for public office. For more information about the organization and how you can get involved, visit