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Courses Offered Every Other Semester or Year

Because not all courses can be offered every semester, or even yearly, depending on student demand and faculty availabilities, the chairpersons of the School of Science have assembled the following documents to help students plan their studies more effectively. Each summarizes our expectations of which courses will be offered in each department in the coming semesters. We urge students and advisors to consult these documents regularly. Although this is what we expect to offer in the future, we acknowledge that this is only a plan and is subject to change.

Departmental offerings are presented as downloadable pdf files in tabular form. If a class is usually taught every other year there will be a note in the right hand column indicating which of the upcoming years or semesters the course is anticipated to be offered.  A statement of “Pending Enrollment” in the Notes column indicates that the course will be offered if enrollment is sufficient.

Biology Courses

Chemistry and Physics Courses

Computer Science and Software Engineering Courses

Mathematics Courses