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School of Science

School of Science

Program Directors

Associate Dean SoS Catherine Duckett

Catherine Duckett Atrium Science 282E

Dean Catherine Duckett, PhD is an entomologist by training and an exchange student by avocation (A Peace Corps volunteer and  returnee from Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, and Japan). Her academic interests include anatomy, anthropology, and art. She is also passionately involved in the study of climate science and its effect on humans, human society and on other natural systems. Dean Duckett developed the Peer Mentor Program in 2010 as part of her ongoing commitment to provide career and professional development coaching to undergraduate students. She also enjoys word play, gardening (specifically native plants and natural habitat preservation), cooking, and cats.

Jeffrey Weisburg

Dr. Jeffrey Weisburg Edison E154

Dr. Jeffrey Weisburg has joined the Peer Mentor Program as Co-Director during the spring 2017 semester. Dr. Weisburg, a specialty professor who has been at Monmouth University since 2014, is engaged in teaching students in Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology, Immunology and Cell Biology in both the School of Science and the School of Nursing. One of his favorite academic interests is first year advising, particularly with Biology students. His research focus is in examining the effects of nutraceuticals inhibiting the signaling of chronic inflammation and the development of tumors in the oral cavity. His personal interests are widely varied and include coaching and playing soccer, attending concerts and going to the beach.

Dr. Robin Kucharczyk Edison 130E

Although she is trained as an inorganic chemist, Dr. Robin Kucharczyk branched out to teach organic chemistry laboratories and is the coordinator of these courses. Among her academic interests are chemistry and chemical education, student advisement, medicine, and environmental problems. Dr. Kucharczyk, who helped Dr. Duckett create the Peer Mentor Program in 2010, will be phasing out her direct involvement between February and May, 2017. Her personal interests include dancing of all types, birding, health and wellness, and keeping hamsters.”