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Nursing Continuing Education Programs Testimonials

Following is a sample of testimonials given by our attendees from various workshop programs held during our past year.

Pediatric Physical Assessment – February, 2020

  • Program was very informative, Dr. Miller was exceptional and it helps to have an instructor with the amount of knowledge and experience Dr. Miller has.
  • Very helpful, knowledgeable & personable instructor
  • Well done, informative + relevant! Very helpful
  • Excellent program

Managing Pediatric Emergencies in the School Setting – January 2021

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the program from start to finish. It was helpful to have handout prior to the presentation, and assisted in note taking along the way.  Patricia Dempsey was incredibly knowledgeable and shared her information is a very understandable and memorable way. I walk away from this program with a lot of great information that I will incorporate into my school nurse practice. One example in particular, is eye injury assessments. Thank you MU for offering this program.
  • I really enjoyed this course and gained so much valuable info and tools.  Thank you!

Orthopedic Assessment of the Lower Extremities for the APN – June 2021

  • I loved the applicable nature of physical exam for certain orthopedic concerns. Will definitely bring into practice as an APN.
  • This lecture definitely refreshed my orthopedic skills of the lower extremity, which will be useful when completing my orthopedic disability exams on my Veterans.
  • I work in geriatrics. Orthopedic injuries are common and a constant risk in this fragile population. It is helpful to have gained a better understanding of the injuries.

Suturing and Wound Closure Workshop with Dr. Rose Knapp – October 2021

  • Great workshop in person, thank you!
  • Excellent class and very educational
  • As a new NP, this was a great skill to practice before getting 1st job
  • Excellent!!!

Prescribing Controlled Substances – January – August 2022

  • This was just absolutely terrific! A+
  • The responsibility of prescribing controlled substances is a heavy burden and entails a lot of careful thinking and analysis. This course allowed me to be respectful and understanding of all the good and bad in controlled substances, therefore allow me to adopt the knowledge I learned for safe and best practice when prescribing controlled substances.
  • The course was well prepared and organized. The lecturers are great in what they do, namely Dr. Knapp, Dr. Keegan, and Dr. Kinkle. I love the opportunity for us to download resources for repeat reading or as references as needed. I made a folder with all the importance resources that I can use easily when I need to confirm things.
  • This course was very well planned and the layout was great. I really appreciated that I could work on it at my own pace and be able to have so many valuable resources for programs to help patients with addiction and how to maintain agreements with controlled substances.
  • The detailed resources are a big plus in adding to my knowledge in prescribing controlled drugs in the future.  The importance of doing detailed H & Ps, assessments, evaluations and documentation on pain relief will provide a positive outcome for patient.  Thank you so much.

Cardiovascular Management In the Out-patient Setting – May, 2022

  • I am currently an FNP student so this course was very helpful. It was a great refresher about HTN, afib, hyperlipidemia etc. The way the instructor explained everything was excellent.
  • The presenter shared helpful screening tools and resources to apply to my practice
  • Information was very useful and up to date.

A Startup Checklist for the School Health Office – June 2022

  • Today’s workshop helped inspire me to start thinking of myself as a potential mentor.  I’ve felt like I’m in need of a little less “seat of my pants” and now I can see ways to handle that.  Many thanks!
  • Excellent program as presented, very thorough and straightforward.
  • It has made me more confident preparing my office for the upcoming school year.

EKG Interpretation (Nurse Practitioner Skills Boot Camp) – June 2022

  • The personal binder provided is filled with everything that I need to know in order to read an ECG. This is a weakness of mine and I felt better after taking the course and will review the provided information on my own time. It was an amazing course.
  • Dr. Miller explained how to interpret EKGs in a very understandable and organized manner. I now have a better understanding of what to look for on the EKGs and how to approach them.
  • This is my favorite of all the seminars. I attended EKG courses before but this seminar is obviously a combination of dedication, expertise, generosity and love of knowledge sharing.
  • Every aspect of this course will be applicable to my practice. Wonderful, informative, class!

Care of Common Orthopedic Injuries and Splinting Basics (Nurse Practitioner Skills Boot Camp) – June 2022

  • It was such a great experience to pick the brain of an expert in the field. Thank you Dr. for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help us.
  • Engaging, interactive participation throughout the session enhanced my knowledge base.
  • The lecture was very informative and will assist in providing the correct outpatient treatment.

Suturing and Wound Closure with Dr. Patricia Dempsey (Nurse Practitioner Skills Boot Camp) – June 2022

  • Fantastic teacher. Awesome to learn from someone so experienced and knowledgeable
  • Dr. Dempsey broke each method down and let us practice. Did not feel rushed and I felt Confident at the end!!
  • This was a great hands on course. I will be able to evaluate a wound/injury with more confidence and suture. Learning what to do with skin tares was very helpful as well.

Radiographic Interpretation of Musculoskeletal Injuries and Abnormalities (Nurse Practitioner Skills Boot Camp) – June 2022

  • Dr. Dempsey broke it down very well. Provided many examples and kept the room engaged!
  • I now have a more systematic approach when looking at x rays to be able to identify what is normal vs abnormal.
  • Fantastic learning experience. Taught in a way that is easy to remember.