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Nursing Continuing Education Programs Testimonials

Following is a sample of testimonials given by our attendees from various workshop programs held during our past year.


SANE – January 2018

  • It was an amazing program taught very well by Mrs. Eileen
  • Thank you for such an amazing experience.
  • Great program will highly recommend to fellow nurses interested
  • Positive-Eileen is a great instructor. Makes sure all students are comfortable with any material. Looking forward to putting all this knowledge to work.

Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End – January 2018

  • Good format for this mandated educational experience. The speakers and lectures were captivating and knowledgeable about the current guidelines for pain management and prescriptive practice
  • I will recommend this course, appreciated the work at your own pace especially as a full time NP
  • The program was informative and educational: it covered the important aspects of the topic. Thank you so much
  • This was a very comprehensive learning experience

Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End – July 2018

  • Great program-thank you
  • Thank you for hosting an informative, necessary, quality program

Suturing and Wound Closure Workshop – February 2018

  • Great program!
  • Excellent instructor!

Pediatric Physical Assessment – March 2018

  • Excellent presenter! Program well organized! Excellent communication!
  • Loved the hands on!

Pediatric Emergency Care – March 2018

  • Loved it! Best lecture I’ve been to. Excellent teacher.

Writing Workshop: Research Papers/APA Style – March 2018

  • Very informative, thank you!

Improving Communication Regarding End-of-Life Decisions – April 2018

  • Excellent program. Should repeat
  • Excellent speakers. Very engaging
  • I appreciate your programs. They are always relevant and practical

IAFN Clinical Skills Training – April 2018

  • I had an excellent time at the clinical training and learned some valuable tools I can use in my practice. Thank you for having this!
  • I learned a lot and feel more comfortable moving forward in my role as a Forensic Nurse Examiner. Thank you!!
  • Well done & very informative. I feel much more confident in my skills.

Continuing the Conversation in Youth Suicide Prevention: Suicide Risk Assessment and Management for School Counselors and Clinicians – May 2018

  • Informative, interactive. Day was great! Happy I attended!
  • Helpful break out sessions for nurses. Thanks!

Prescribing Controlled Substances in NJ – April 2018

  • It was a very informational and interactive educational program
  • This course is well-structured and very informative (with excellent links/resources) that will be greatly used in practice

Prescribing Controlled Substances in NJ – May 2018

  • Overall, this was a great online class with lots of informative links and videos. I would highly recommend this online course to future new NPs.
  • This course was very useful and informative, I definitely learned an incredible amount of information that I did not know first-hand. I think it made me more confident in knowing my opiate drugs and their classes.

Prescribing Controlled Substances – June 2018

  • Very informative and helpful and provided the facts and necessary knowledge in order to prescribe safely.

Transgender Lives & Health Barriers – June 2018

  • Session was needed from my perspective since I don’t know or understand what health barriers LGBT people seek. Hopefully this topic will expand so all members of society understand and know what is needed.


Prescribing Controlled Substances in NJ – January 2017

  • The course gave me great ideas on how to prevent and openly discuss the use of controlled substances with a patient.
  • The flexibility of the online course makes it more encouraging to fit this into my busy schedule

Prescribing Controlled Substances in NJ – February 2017

  • Usable and highly applicable links to relevant state and government agencies.

Prescribing Controlled Substances in NJ – May 2014

  • I will be using the knowledge gained during this course daily in my practice
  • This has been an enlightenment. Very applicable information and useful online support sites.
  • Because of this program, I’m now more aware of the resources available to guide me to safe prescribing of medications.

Prescribing Controlled Substances in NJ – June 2017

  • This course will allow me to better assess my patients and to safely prescribe medications
  • I will apply the knowledge that was gained during this activity into practice in numerous ways

Prescribing Controlled Substances in NJ – July 2017

  • This course provided a plethora of relevant resources
  • It was a very interesting course and each module covered essential information required in order to prescribe controlled substances as primary care provider-APN.

Prescribing Controlled Substances in NJ – August 2017

  • I learned very important information in this course. The knowledge I received in this course is going to be very helpful in my practice as an APN.

Prescribing Controlled Substances in NJ – September 2017

  • I appreciated the links to helpful government, organization and independent websites relevant to the topic. These sites will undoubtedly be revisited as I progress into the APN role.

Prescribing Controlled Substances in NJ – October 2017

  • I can apply this to my new practice and patient care.

Prescribing Controlled Substances in NJ – December 2017

  • I truly enjoyed the presentations
  • The online learning format is fantastic-really appreciate that this exists
  • Very informative course

Writing Workshop: Research Papers/APA Style – January 2017

  • It was a great class that helped me really detail APA for my future papers. I really liked the instructor’s energy. The tone of voice helped make a confusing topic easier. I would suggest this class to everyone!
  • Well organized with fantastic speaker

SANE – January 2017

  • Very helpful course even if not working as a SANE nurse. Knowledge alone help make better understanding of assault victims.
  • The course material was presented very well and I really liked the physical interactive strategy

SANE – June 2017

  • This class by far has prepared me for SANE nursing. I have learned so much and cannot wait for the opportunity to work in this field. ALL speakers were incredible.
  • Glad I took this course. Really gave me a broad knowledge of sexual abuse.

Pediatric Physical Assessment – February 2017

  • Excellent presentation. So glad I came!
  • Case studies were relevant

Pediatric Physical Assessment – June 2017

  • As a school nurse, very applicable!

Pediatric Physical Assessment – December 2017

  • Excellent organization and programming
  • One of the best courses I have ever taken!
  • Love the specifics given, even though not diagnosing, very good to know to differentiate.

Suturing and Wound Closure – February 2017

  • When I am an NP in the future, I will reflect on this class!
  • Speaker Dr. Knapp was knowledgeable, easy to talk to. I was really able to learn!

Suturing and Wound Closure – September 2017

  • This was a great class. Thank you very much!!
  • Amazing and informative class. Also very fun.

Orthopedic Injuries & Splinting Basics for School Nurses – April 2017

  • I found this useful and enjoyed the doctor that presented

Pediatric Emergency Care Workshop – October 2017

  • Very comprehensive, enjoyed the videos & examples of real-life scenarios.
  • Excellent review of assessment skills or all types of injuries seen in school health office

Diabetes Management in the School Age Child – April 2017

  • Great learning experience
  • Excellent speaker, very knowledgeable about diabetes education

Substitute School Nurse Workshop – May 2017

  • Excellent demonstrations of school
  • All excellent! Thank you so much!

IAFN Clinical Skills Training – 2017

  • I absolutely loved this clinical practice program. Eileen gave vital knowledge I will be utilizing. I LOVED the GTAs and thought their knowledge and humor was so effective in educating about gynecological pelvic exams. Can’t wait to use all the tools I learned here.

Improving Communication Regarding End-of-Life Decisions – June 2017

  • Program speakers were excellent
  • Excellent program and resources

Teaching in NCLEX Environment Workshop – June 2017

  • This workshop was very helpful for our BSN faculty. It is inspirational and just what we needed.

NP Boot Camp – November 2017

  • LOVED the expert knowledge! Extremely helpful! Amazing & very knowledgeable
  • Looking forward to more classes. It was awesome!

Orthopedic Injuries & Splinting Basics for School Nurses – October 2017

  • Really enjoyed doc’s presentation- energetic, funny, knowledgeable, and stated clearly main points and seems motivated to teach.
  • Awesome program as always. I recommend your classes

A Closer Look at Skin Disorders: Dermatology for the Advanced Practice Nurse – November 2017

  • The class was awesome. Speaker was very knowledgeable, entertaining & very well spoken!
  • Excellent! Great knowledge of subject matter

Rings, Rashes, Lumps and Bumps: Skin Disorders in the School Age Child – December 2017

  • Excellent program. Can apply information to my practice. Speaker well-versed and excellent knowledge. Please continue to have this at MU.