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  • Department of History and Anthropology

    Program Benefits and Career Paths

    Graduates know that a great understanding of history can lead to a career that allows them to truly impact the world around them. Professionals who have earned an MA in History from Monmouth are equipped to inform others about the impact of historical events on the modern world. They can put this knowledge to good use in the following roles:

    As Advocates...

    • Lawyers and Paralegals
    • Litigation Support Staff
    • Legislative Staff Work
    • Foundation Staff Work

    In Businesses and Associations...

    • Historians in Corporations
    • Contract Historians
    • Historians in Nonprofit Associations

    As Communicators...

    • Writers and Editors
    • Journalists
    • Documentary Editors
    • Producers of Multimedia Material
    • Historians in Information Management
    • historyteaching
    • Archivists
    • Records Managers
    • Librarians
    • Information Managers

    As Educators...

    • Elementary Schools Teachers and Administrators
    • Secondary Schools Teachers and Administrators
    • Postsecondary Education Teachers and Administrators
    • Historic Sites and Museum Staff

    As Researchers...

    • Museums and Historical Organization Staff and Management
    • Cultural Resources Management and Historic Preservation Staff and Management
    • Think Tanks Members

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