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    Student Gallery: Graphic Design

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  • Course: Motion 1 and 2Motion Graphics 1 and 2Student: Abbie Bregenzer - Course: Digital ImagingStudent: Abbie Bregenzer - Course: Graphic Design 3Student: Alexis Ceponis - Course: Graphic Design 2Student: Alicia Tannebaum - Course: Advanced Digital ImagingStudent: Alicia Tannebaum - Course: Digital ImagingStudent: Alysse Desimone - Course: Senior PortfolioStudent: Amanda Stojanov - Course: TypographyStudent: Andrea Guillou - Course: Digital ImagingStudent: Andrea Guillou - Course: Web StaticStudent: Brianne Doherty - Course: Advanced Digital ImagingStudent: Brielle Wilson - Course: Web StaticStudent: Brielle Wilson - Senior PortfolioStudent: Brittany Cottrell - Senior PortfolioStudent: Brittney Cottrell - Course: Advanced TypographyStudent: Carolyn Walker - Course: Web DynamicStudent: Carolyn Walker - Senior PortfolioStudent: Carolyn Walker - Senior Portfolio (2)Student: Erica Parker - Course: Web StaticStudent: Juliana Read - Course: Web DynamicStudent: Ken Pasarrelli - Course: Advanced Digital ImagingStudent: Ken Pasarrelli - Course: Senior PortfolioStudent: Laura Toffolo - Course: Graphic Design 3Student: Laura Toffolo - Course: Graphic Design 3 (2)Student: Loglisci, LoPorto, Stojanov - Course: Digital ImagingStudent: MaeYung Tang - Course: Web StaticStudent: Matt Gilsenan - Course: Digital ImagingStudent: Mecal Lindsey - Course: Advanced Digital ImagingStudent: Nick Delmar - Course Advanced Digital ImagingStudent: Olivia Greco - Course: Advanced TypographyStudent: Olivia Greco - Course: Graphic Design 3Student: Olivia Mazanec - Course: Graphic Design 2Student: Patricia McKinley - Course: Web StaticStudent: Patty McKinley - Course: Digital ImagingStudent: Rachel Durante - Course: Advanced Digital ImagingStudent: Susan Witkowski - Course: Digital IllustrationStudent: Vanessa Wheeler - Course: Advanced Digital Imaging