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Closing Information and Damages

All students must vacate their housing assignments 24 hours after their last final and no later than 6 pm, April 30, 2024. Due to our summer cleaning constraints, all students need to make arrangements for temporary housing before summer school begins, because we will not be able to accommodate your requests (unless you are registered for Summer Session A classes and have already applied for summer housing).

All students must remove their personal belongings from the room, have their room inspected by a member of the Residential Life staff, sign their Room Condition Report, and return all keys that are property of Monmouth University. All students must sign up for a check-out time with their resident assistant at least 24 hours prior to their departure. Failure to check out properly will result in a minimum $50 fine plus any charges associated with replacement of keys.

Remember that the Room Condition Report is what the staff will work from to assess damages and determine if any vandalism has occurred. Please be sure to review your Room Condition Report with a member of the Residential Life staff. A member of Facilities Management and your area coordinator will make the final determination of room damages, not your RA. If you have any questions about the check-out process, be sure to ask prior to your departure. Please remember that in cases where damage or vandalism cannot be attributed to specific individuals, the entire suite, apartment, or building will be charged. These charges cannot be appealed.

PLEASE NOTE: Graduating seniors are permitted to stay until 9 a.m. on Friday, May 10, 2024. Students who will be participating in the commencement ceremony, non-graduates (i.e., University choir, procession escorts, etc.) must complete a request form in the Office of Residential Life by 5 p.m. on April 26, 2024, to stay until graduation. You may be required to move to temporary housing locations if you are approved to stay. It is imperative that you make the necessary arrangements to check out properly and return your keys to the Residential Life staff. NO OTHER REQUESTS WILL BE HONORED!

All athletes who will be competing in post-conference tournaments must have their coaches submit a list to the Office of Residential Life by 5 p.m. on April 26, 2024, for approval to stay after the residence halls close. In some cases, this may require athletes to relocate and consolidate to assist us with our cleaning efforts.

Check-Out Procedures

Below you will find a list of procedures to guide you through your check-out process and eliminate unnecessary charges:

  • Inform a Residential Life staff member of your departure date and schedule a check-out time.
  • Remove all tape, tacks, nails, and decorations from the walls of your room and/or suite. Failure to do so will result in wall repairs and repainting, and you will be billed for the cost.
  • Restore all screens to the windows and return all furniture to its proper location and position.
  • Properly discard all trash and recyclables. Failure to do so will result in cleaning charges.
  • Check and recheck all drawers and wardrobes; do not leave anything behind.
  • Check your mailbox and remove all items addressed to you. Mail will not be forwarded.
  • Make sure you have a room inspection conducted and sign your Room Condition Report or utilize Express Check-Out.
  • Return your keys to a staff member in person – do not let a roommate or friend do this, and do not send them to us in the mail. You are responsible if keys are lost through the mail. You should not leave the keys in your room.
  • Close and lock all windows, turn out the room lights, and lock the door.

Once again, if you have any questions, please consult with your area coordinator. We want to congratulate all graduating seniors and wish them much luck and success. The Residential Life staff also looks forward to the return of continuing students to campus in the fall.

Room Damage

You and your roommate(s) are responsible for any damages to your room that are not the result of normal usage. At the time of check in, you should be certain your Room Condition Report form is accurate and complete. Room damages will be assessed from this form and monthly room inspections.

After the residence halls are completely closed, each room will be inspected, in detail, by the residential life professional staff for damages. Clean-up and damage charges will be assessed and charged (if applicable). Excessive damages may also be addressed through the judicial system.

Common Area Damage

The common area damage policy is one that stresses student responsibility. The living areas in the residence halls are part of your community, and you are expected to take responsibility for those areas. Public areas such as hallways, lounges, suites, etc., are not assigned to individuals. Damages in these areas can be very costly to everyone. Those directly responsible should bear the burden of paying and accepting judicial responsibility for the damage rather than having all students pay for such damages. The residents of an affected area are charged for damages only when the responsible person is not identified and billed for damages. This is done as a last resort, because we expect individuals to accept responsibility for damages they cause. We also expect persons living in affected areas to assist in identifying these people. In addition, our staff makes every effort to find the responsible person(s).

The benefits of this policy are: persons actually responsible for the damage pay for it; student responsibility and self-discipline are increased; and there is community responsibility for common living areas. The residential life staff is there to enable your community to function effectively, but a cooperative effort from everyone is needed to ensure maintenance of community areas.

Damage Billing Philosophy and Appeals

In an effort to maintain our residence hall facilities, we expect that students will take responsibility for any damages that they cause within their room, suite, apartment, and/or residence hall. As such, each student signs a Room Condition Report (RCR) upon moving into their room. The RCR outlines the condition of the room and furniture with respect to any damage that may be in the room prior to your arrival. At the end of the school year or when you move out (whichever occurs first), we will review the RCR and update it with the current condition of the room upon your departure. A final inspection will then occur, after all residents have moved out, involving the full-time area coordinator and members of the Facilities Management staff. The appropriate charges to make the necessary repairs are then billed to the students who lived in the room. If one student does not take responsibility, it is divided among the roommates, suite mates, and/or apartment mates, depending on the location of the damage.

Students will be notified in writing of any damages for which they have been billed. At that time, any student can appeal a specific room, suite or apartment damage cost that has been billed to their student account. Common area damage can not be appealed. Students must submit their appeal to the Residential Life Office. We cannot accept any appeals from parents or family members. If at anytime someone accepts responsibility, in writing, for damages that have been billed to other students, those charges will be transferred to the appropriate person(s). The damage billing letter will include the process and deadline for submitting a damage appeal. Please note that the damage billing letter is not a bill. The Bursar’s Office will send out a formal bill indicating the amount due to the University. Please do not send any payments to the Residential Life Office.

Additional Information