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Illustration by Emily Schopfer

Student Posters Receive Honorable Mentions at SIGGRAPH

Four illustrated posters by Art and Design students—Anthony Daglia, Emily Schopfer, Kate Maria Falkowski, and Yasmin Abdel-Moniem—received Honorable Mentions in the 2023 SIGGRAPH SpaceTime International Juried Student Poster Competition.

The SIGGRAPH annual conference is the world’s largest conference on computer graphics and the competition jury panel consists of international art professors. The competition theme “50 years of SIGGRAPH” matches the 2023 SIGGRAPH annual conference. Professor Jing Zhou served as the faculty advisor. A gallery of the accepted works is available online.

Anthony Daglia (BFA in Graphic and Interactive Design) – A Handful of Possibilities
Emily Schopfer (BA in Photography) – From the 70s to the 20s
Kate Maria Falkowski (BFA in Graphic and Interactive Design) – Siggraph 50th Anniversary
Yasmin Abdel-Moniem (BFA in Animation) – Tree of Time