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Composite image of Prof. Bobbitt and Prof. Pulliam

Profs. Bobbitt and Pulliam Present at NASPA First-Generation Student Success Conference

Stephanie Bobbitt, Ph.D., LPC, and Nicole Pulliam, Ph.D., professors in the Educational Counseling Department in the School of Education, recently presented their work with the First, Too: First Generation Faculty Initiative at the 2024 NASPA First-Generation Student Success Conference in Anaheim, California.

In their presentation, “First Too: An Exploration of First Generation Faculty Experience from the Field,” Bobbitt and Pulliam showcased the First Too: First Generation Faculty Initiative which is an endeavor aimed at amplifying the presence of faculty and academic leaders who, much like students, paved the way as first-generation college attendees. The presentation highlighted the voices and experiences of current Monmouth University professors who are first generation faculty and their reflections and experiences with this identity.

The NASPA First-Generation Student Success Conference examines a breadth of topics critical to advancing the holistic outcomes of first-generation students. Sessions consider the vast intersectionality of first-generation students, the systemic and institutional barriers to success, and evidence-based practices to student support and services.

Monmouth’s First-Generation Faculty Initiative is rooted in innovation, and guided by a singular mission—to foster a profound sense of inclusion, ultimately bolstering the retention and success rates of first-generation scholars. This initiative comprises a network of educators who share a common bond as first-generation college students themselves. Actively involved within the University community, these faculty members proudly embrace and champion their first-generation identities. Serving as advocates, they dedicate themselves to elevating the first-generation community at Monmouth University.

The First, Too Initiative was made possible in part due to funding from the Diversity Innovation Grant Program coordinated by the Office of the Provost and Intercultural Center at Monmouth University. The First Too Initiative has been approved as an annually funded project for the next three years.