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Monmouth University Student Held Internship in China

Robert Solorzano (Manahawkin, NJ), international business major, received a rare opportunity to intern in Hangzhou, China for one month during the summer of 2013. The internship was arranged between the Leon Hess Business School’s Department of Marketing & International Business, Hover Tech (PA), and Shinemound Enterprises (MA).  Solorzano was the second Monmouth student to receive this internship initiated and facilitated by professors Min Lu and John Brogan. Former Monmouth University student Brian Lo successfully completed his internship during the spring of 2012.

The marketing and sales position required Solorzano to present company projects to clients and to train Chinese employers on how to present and demonstrate the projects through an integrated style of American and Chinese demonstration techniques.

“The way we present in America is not the way we present in China,” said Solorzano. “Understanding another country’s way of business is important to ensure you deliver what they need.”

Solorzano took one year of Chinese prior to traveling to China. “China is something I have been interested in ever since entering college,” he said. He had the opportunity to travel throughout the country, visiting different regions, and even play tennis one day with the locals.

Solorzano believes that working in a diverse environment is a skill required for an international business major. He hopes to work in China after graduating from Monmouth University.

For more information, visit the marketing and international business program web site.