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Meeting Dates and Submissions 2022-2023

Submission Deadline

The deadline for submission of protocol requiring full committee review is six weeks prior to each monthly meeting.

IACUC Meeting Dates

The IACUC typically meets the second Monday of each month with a few exceptions.  

Submission DeadlinesScheduled IACUC Meeting Dates
July 22, 2022September 2, 2022
August 26, 2022October 7, 2022
September 23, 2022November 4, 2022
October 21, 2022December 2, 2022
December 19, 2023January 30, 2023
January 2, 2023February 13, 2023
January 30, 2023March 13, 2023
February 27, 2023April 10, 2023
March 27, 2023May 8, 2023

NOTE: The IACUC does not meet regularly during June, July, and August. However, protocols may be reviewed within 21 business days of submission during those months. If there is no new business, meetings may be cancelled.

See our Resources and Forms section for detailed information regarding IACUC Policies and copies of the protocol forms for IACUC review.