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Who We Are

The Health Services area is staffed by nurse practitioners, consulting medical and psychiatric physicians, and clerical staff.

Kathy Maloney

Director Of Health Services

Health Services

Health Center

Violet Bernknopf

University Nurse Practitioner

Phone: (732) 571-3464

Lou Bosmans

On Call Nurse Practitioner

Phone: (732) 571-3464

Mihaela Cojocaru

On-Call Nurse Practitioner

Carol Huggler

University Health Clinician

Phone: (732) 923-4785

Kristine Kelly

University Nurse Practitioner

Phone: (732) 571-3464

Kristen Reformato

University Clinician

Phone: 732-923-4765

Barry Rubino

Consulting Physician

Robyn Sanfilippo

On-Call University Nurse Practitioner

Suanne Schaad

Coordinator of Alcohol and Other Drug Services and Recovery Support and Clinical Counselor

Phone: (732) 263-5804

Marciana Minott

Office Coordinator

Phone: (732) 571-3464

Sharon Thompson


Phone: (732) 571-3464