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Student Assistance Coordinator

The Student Assistance Coordinator (SAC) endorsement program is intended for candidates who want to be certified as student assistance coordinators. SACs work with students in many New Jersey school districts to address substance abuse issues, social and emotional issues, and behavioral problems. Those who complete this endorsement program will meet the New Jersey course requirements for certification as a student assistance coordinator.

Course Requirements – 21 Credits as follows:

  • PC-540: Introduction to Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • PC-515: Human Development Through the Life Span *OR* EDC-510: Human Growth and Development *OR* SW-509: Human Behavior in the Social Environment
  • PC-546: Substance Awareness in the Schools *OR* SW-628: School Social Work
  • PC-542: Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Abuse *OR* EDC/SW-604: Clinical Practice in Addictions
  • PC-510: Community Mental Health *OR* SW-518: Global Community Practice *OR* EDC-517 Community Mental Health
  • PC-680: Clinical Internship in Professional Counseling *OR* EDC-610: SAC Internship *OR* SW-630: Field Practicum III FC
  • EDC-555: School Counseling Program Planning


Students in the LPC program can pursue the SAC endorsement by working with their advisor to ensure they are taking the right electives; a couple of additional courses may be required.

Students interested in the SAC Endorsement Program should:

  • Contact the graduate admission office and apply for the SAC endorsement program at
  • Once accepted follow the course schedule as outlined below. The last course for the endorsement will be either PC 680 or EDC 610. All other coursework must be completed prior to the internship.
  • PC 680 must be in a NJ school supervised by a working SAC. The PC 680 placement should be discussed with Jennifer Trimarchi, Adjunct Professor | Professional Counseling ( to make certain it is compliant with SAC endorsement standards (i.e. you must be supervised by a SAC and be interning in the role of a SAC).
  • EDC 610 placements are discussed with Fran Swift, Program Coordinator | SAC; Placement Coordinator | SC/SACC ( After your site is secured, contact Professor Swift for more information regarding the Educational Counseling Field Experience page and SAC site supervisor forms (required to authenticate placement for certification).
  • Once you have completed all of the coursework, reach out to to complete your application for credentialing. The Office of Certification will work with the State of New Jersey Department of Education to issue your endorsement.
  • For more information, see NJSAC Regulations.
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Francine Swift

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