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Suspension of Discharge of Agreement to Serve

A TEACH grant recipient may qualify for a suspension of the service requirement, a partial reduction of service requirement, or a full discharge of the agreement to serve.

A TEACH grant recipient who is ordered to active military duty (or his or her representative) may request a suspension of the 8-year teacher service period in one-year increments, not to exceed 3 years.

A recipient may qualify for a proportional discharge of the teaching obligation based on the number of years the recipient has been on active military duty.

  • 3 years active duty = 1 year teaching service discharge
  • 4 years active duty = 2 year teaching service discharge
  • 5 years active duty= 3 year teaching service discharge
  • 6 or more years active duty = Total teaching service discharge

To obtain the discharge, the recipient or his or her representative must provide to the Department of Education a copy of official military orders, the students military identification AND a written statement from the commanding or personnel officer certifying that the recipient is on active duty in the Armed Forces, the date when service began, and the date the service is expected to end.