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Occupational Therapy

Cost of Attendance Budget 2023-24

Enrollment in the Occupational Therapy program represents a substantial commitment, both academically and financially. To enable students to better understand the extent of that commitment, we have prepared an estimate of the cost to complete the program; note that the estimate does not include students’ personal and living expenses. The tuition and fee estimates are based on tuition for the 2023-24 academic year, and students should expect an increase of approximately 5% each year.

Cost1st Year Students2nd Year Students3rd Year Students
Direct Costs
Tuition and Comprehensive Fee (Academic Year)$44,121$37,126$35,727
Tuition (Summer)$9,793$13,990$8,394
Total Direct Costs (Billed by Monmouth, excluding laboratory fees)$53,914$51,116$44,121
Indirect Costs (Academic Year and Summer)
Books, Supplies, Equipment$1,525$1,750$1,450
Personal Expenses$7,895$7,895$6,755
Housing and Food$20,875$20,875$17,875
Loan Fees$195$195$195
Total Indirect Costs$32,210$32,435$27,695
Total Cost of Attendance$86,124$83,551$71,816