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a drift: Erin V. Sotak

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April 26, 2012 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm | Shadow Lawn

Free Event


Erin V. Sotak – photographer and installation artist

Audiences can come and go as they please.  If students want to take part in creating Erin Sotak’s site specific performance, they can contact
Anne Massoni at

This collaborative site-specific performance transforms ordinary experience into performative action and elevates everyday life encounters. Mundane and significant events are amplified and altered through repetition and recreation while fabricated narratives interrupt reality and engage the fantastical. A hopeless romantic and devout absurdist, Sotak regales the arduous adventures of comically courting the ever-shifting and always fleeting in an attempt to stall, freeze and simply endure.

Artist bio:
Erin V. Sotak has exhibited both nationally and internationally and is the recipient of numerous grants and awards. She has been an invited lecturer and an artist in residence at prestigious universities, and her work has been published in several art journals. She describes her work as “less a conversation and more a short story. I narrate using symbolic colors, iconic objects, cultural references and historical allusions… My work
most often takes the form of installation and performance that is concerned with labor, endurance, absurdity, collections, consumption and
aesthetics. The work ultimately and most importantly exists as a photograph.”

For more information visit:

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