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Guajiros Retratos de Otoño, an exhibition of work by Lázaro Niebla

Pollak Gallery

Lázaro Niebla, a resident of Trinidad de Cuba, documents the connection to the past through reverse woodcut portraits of those that understand it best: his elders. His process begins by collecting discarded colonial window panels that were used to protect the homes in Trinidad de Cuba during the Spanish colonization. He then photographs his subjects, capturing them in a spontaneous moment. Working off of his photograph, Lázaro meticulously carves layer after layer from the repurposed panel, exposing the perfectly preserved wood under the surface. Using acrylic paint, Lázaro adds touches of color to the piece, choosing to leave the skin of the subject wood tone — connecting the person he has chosen to portray to the material that he has chosen to work with. The life of the tree, the window shutter, the home it protected, the subject portrayed, and the artist are all represented in each piece of art.

Free and open to the public

PAT CRESSON – Taking a Leap –The Power of the Natural World – 45 Years of Creative Work

DiMattio and Ice House Galleries 400 Cedar Ave, West Long Branch

This retrospective show, PAT CRESSON Taking a Leap –The Power of the Natural World 45 Years of Creative Work is a combined visual statement of over 45 years of artmaking. It covers 21 different categories ranging from painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, and digital imaging to sculpture. CRESSON have always been interested in a broad range of art topics, styles and techniques and has followed her heart and not limited herself to just one or two topics, series or styles.

Free and open to the public

Inviting Motion (Sabbatical project Wobbe F. Koning)

The Great Hall Auditorium/IDM Lab (Plangere 135) 400 Cedar Ave, West Long Branch

As part of his Sabbatical from Monmouth University, Wobbe F. Koning returned to his alma mater The Ohio State University and worked with the community at the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) to produce this VR experience. Motion Capture was used to create the attention grabbing and inviting motions, which are sparsely represented (using a limited amount of points) but are still instantly recognizable as human.

Free and open to the public

Titanic: The Musical

Pollak Theatre

Five-time Tony Award winner Titanic: The Musical is ‘Breathtaking’ (The Guardian) and ‘Magnificent’ (The Telegraph). A stunning and stirring production recounting the hopes, dreams and aspirations of her passengers, from the wealthy first class to the third class dreaming of a new life in America.

$23; $21 (senior); $10 (Student); $5 MU Student