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Heide R. Estes, Ph.D.


Interim Graduate Program Director for the M.A. in English

Graduate Faculty

Ph.D., New York University

B.A., University of Pennsylvania

Wilson Annex 508
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Courses this Semester
EN 443 History of the English Language
Regularly Taught Courses
EN 211 Environment and Pre-Modern Literature
EN 307 Middle English Literature
EN 405 Chaucer
EN 443 History of the English Language
EN 509 Middle English Literature
EN 563 Linguistics
PR 448 Ecocriticism and Medieval England
Research Interests

Old and Middle English language, literature and culture, with interest in gender theory and ecocriticism.

Old English Literary Landscapes: Ecotheory and the Anglo-Saxon Environmental Imagination. Amsterdam University Press, 2017.
Old English Across the Curriculum: Contexts and Pedagogies. Ed. Hal Momma and Heide Estes. Special issue of Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching. Vol 22, no. 2. Fall 2015.
Scholarly Articles

“Reading Ælfric in the Twelfth Century: Anti-Judaic Doctrine Becomes Anti-Judaic Rhetoric.” Imagining the Jew in Anglo-Saxon Literature and Culture, ed. Samantha Zacher. University of Toronto Press, 2016: 265-297.

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Medieval Ecocriticisms, Editor-in-Chief Heide Estes. Vol 2, no. 2, Amsterdam University Press, Fall 2020.

Additional Information

Co-Chair, Writing Committee
Chair, University Qualification Committee