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Department of Criminal Justice

Mission Statement

The mission of the Criminal Justice Department is to provide the student with a broad liberal arts education and a balanced perspective on the study and practices of the criminal justice system. Each graduate will leave with the highest sense of human values and a strong appreciation for justice and equality. Students will possess a core of knowledge in analytical skills needed to conceptualize problems, and research skills necessary to complete outcomes assessment and the development of criminal justice policy.

“I love every Criminal Justice class I have taken at Monmouth University, and I have great professors who encourage my learning. I hope to continue in Criminal Justice and use my degree to obtain a position in Federal Investigation. I am confident that with my Monmouth University degree and the connections I have made, I will be successful in accomplishing my career goals.”

— Nicole Chiszar, Class of 2014

Why should you consider joining the Department of Criminal Justice at Monmouth University? With small class sizes and a focus on hands-on learning, each graduate will complete their education with a detailed understanding of Criminal Justice System and the advanced analytical skills required to assess its components. Students will learn to conceptualize problems and develop the research skills necessary to complete an original research project before they graduate. The curriculum includes a synthesis of classic and modern techniques, designed to instill a strong appreciation for justice and equality.