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Leon Hess Business School

Management + Decision Sciences

Within the Leon Hess Business School, students can pursue a number of academic degree programs, including those available in the Department of Management and Decision Sciences.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Decision Sciences

Management guru Peter Drucker once called management the “liberal arts” of a business school. In the management department, we embrace this definition by molding the managers of the future. Our courses teach both theory and practice, while never forgetting that it is the people that make a business. In line with the belief that success in business is more likely a people problem than a technology problem, our offerings in organizational behavior, leadership, human relations, and ethics take this approach. Along with the “art” of management, our department also teaches the “science” of management through courses in operations management, management of technology, modeling, and supply chain management.

The program prepares students for success through an effective contemporary business education. The program provides an education that helps to qualify its graduates for positions of leadership in both the private and public sectors. Curricula are developed, taught, and regularly updated by faculty members with strong academic and business experience. The faculty members stress the development of critical thinking, sophisticated communications skills, and a flexible managerial perspective.

Monmouth’s program in management offers an interdisciplinary approach that prepares graduates to excel in a variety of management positions.

Focus on Experiential Learning 

The management curriculum is hands on and practice based, with courses that include simulations and team-based projects that mirror actual scenarios in the workplace involving employee relations and strategic decision-making. Many of our courses directly engage students with the local business community. Students might interview business leaders for a class project or analyze a specific management problem and present recommendations for its resolution to the company’s leaders.

Excellent Internship Opportunities 

As a supplement to the curriculum, we encourage students to gain real-life experience with internships. Not only do they provide valuable on-the-job experience and training, internships show potential employers that you are a self-starter prepared to be responsible for your own success. The majority of management majors complete at least one internship, with companies actively seeking out our students.

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