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Possible Career Opportunities

Students with a degree in business administration are well-prepared for careers in a number of different areas, including banking, financial planning, the stock market, government, international business, politics, and real estate. Many choose to continue their studies in graduate programs in business or law at prestigious institutions.


  • Those in the accounting concentration are well-prepared for wonderful accounting careers. The accounting program fulfills all the undergraduate academic requirements to sit for the CPA exam in New Jersey.
  • Many students choose to fulfill the 150-credit requirement for CPA licensure by attending graduate school. The Leon Hess Business School at Monmouth offers an MBA with a track in accounting.

Economics, Finance, and Real Estate

  • Economics provides a strong foundation for careers in government, banking and finance, cost analysis, health policy planning, human resources, insurance, international trade, labor relations, and real estate.
  • Students in the finance concentration often pursue careers in commercial and investment banking, corporate finance, financial and fixed income analysis, insurance, money management, public finance and government, real estate, and securities trading.
  • With a concentration in real estate, students develop the conceptual and practical skills needed to become investors, asset managers, consultants, developers, or lenders. Students can also pursue related careers that involve commercial real estate, such as architecture, accounting, and financial services.
  • These undergraduate concentrations also provide a solid basis for graduate work in various fields, including finance, economics, and law.

Management and Leadership

  • Management skills can be applied to a wide variety of fields and industries. Many graduates go on to careers in law, banking, and medicine.

Marketing and International Business

  • With a concentration in marketing, students can work in diverse areas such as market research and public relations. Students often find roles as media coordinators, market research directors, public relations specialists, advertising sales directors, media buyers, product development managers, and market analysts.
  • Students in international business are largely involved in sales and marketing. Potential careers include international trade specialist, international economist, import compliance specialist, and cultural advisor.