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Recent Grads: Giving Back to Help Hawks Soar

Your connection to Monmouth University does not end at graduation. As a recent graduate, you have a unique perspective—and an important role to play in ensuring the experiences you had as a student are there for current and future students. Making a gift of any size is perhaps the most simple and most important thing you can do to help Monmouth. This is the way all of us can join together to make a significant impact on the lives of future Hawks and help Monmouth University continue to soar.

As a recent alumnus/a, you may be paying off student loans. Here are four reasons why you should consider giving back to your alma mater, even during this time.

  1. You are a proud Hawk. As a Monmouth alumnus/a, the best way for you to cast your vote of satisfaction for your Monmouth education is by becoming an alumni donor.
  2. You want to protect and grow your investment in your education. Publications like US News & World Report calculate alumni donor percentage when ranking schools. The higher the percentage, the higher the rankings, which elevates the perceived value of your own degree.
  3. You benefited from donor support. If you received any form of scholarship or financial aid, you benefited from the generosity of past donors. Making a personal gift is an opportunity to pay it forward.
  4. Every gift matters. Gifts of any size are meaningful, and collectively make a big impact.