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Congratulations to the 2019 Alumni Award Recipients

Continuing to recognize professional achievement, outstanding leadership, and volunteer commitment to Monmouth University, the Alumni Association Board of Directors Recognition and Milestones Committee is proud to showcase the 2019 Alumni Award recipients.

Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving

Alumni House

Michael Salvatore, Ph.D. ’98

Distinguished Alumni Award

Michael Salvatore headshot photo

Position: Superintendent of Long Branch Public Schools

Degree Program: B.S. Special Education

Student Engagement Activities: Football Program, Educational Opportunity Fund

Michael Salvatore was appointed Superintendent of Schools in the City of Long Branch in April 2011, and later expanded his leadership role through an intergovernmental agreement with neighboring Deal Borough School District until 2017. Over the course of leading both, widely varying districts, he has developed a reputation as a personable, forward thinking instructional leader with a purpose to ensure children matter most. Michael firmly believes “access” is the great equalizer, affording children opportunities to engage with high quality content, which creates learning experiences far beyond the school walls.

With his alma mater in mind, Michael has worked to build a stronger partnership between Monmouth University’s School of Education and Long Branch Schools through internship and employment opportunities for future teachers. Today, Michael serves as a member of the School of Education Dean’s Advisory Council, providing industry advice to support the new doctoral program in education and develop new processes to better prepare teacher candidates for the workforce. In addition to his commitment to Monmouth’s School of Education, Michael volunteers with his former “team”, Monmouth Football, as a fan and speaker to current student-athletes. Through this effort, Michael has helped to foster a suite of service projects between student-athletes and Long Branch students, creating an outstanding learning opportunity for all involved.

Professional Accolades

  • Selected as New Jersey’s 2019 Superintendent of the Year by the New Jersey Association of School Administrators
  • President of Great Schools New Jersey, an organization comprised of more than 180 school districts with extraordinary needs
  • Appointed as a National Presenter on early childhood education by the United States Department of Education
  • Served as a keynote speaker for the New Jersey Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Rutgers University Certified Educational Facilities Manager, the National Plant Management Association, Future Teachers of America, and the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security
  • Advanced degrees from Capella University and Northcentral University

Advice for Monmouth Students
“The purpose of post-secondary education at any institution is to expand opportunities, through friendships, excursions, professional experiences and life. The quality of education you receive at Monmouth increases the quality of those opportunities. Enjoy the journey of education, which should last a lifetime.”

Past Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

  • 2017 – William Elliott ’95M
  • 2016 – Christie Rampone ’99 ’05HN
  • 2014 – Thomas P. Gallagher ’62
  • 2013 – Brian Hanlon ’88
  • 2012 – John P. O’Donnell ’67
  • 2011 – Chester B. Kaletkowski ’71
  • 2010 – Henry R. Kranzler, M.D., ’76
  • 2009 – Michele Evering-Watley ’89
  • 2008 – David J. Ennis ’74
  • 2007 – Patricia Millines Dziko ’79
  • 2006 – Richard W. Benjamin ’61
  • 2005 – Noel L. Hillman ’81
  • 2004 – Wendy Boglioli ’76
  • 2003 – Herbert Butler ’59 ’76
  • 2002 – Jane M. Freed ’81
  • 2001 – Ronald Kornegay ’69 ’74
  • 2000 – Dennis J. Turner ’69 ’73
  • 1999 – Robert Santelli ’73
  • 1998 – Dr. Frank P. Gudicello M.D. ’67
  • 1997 – Marilyn E. Rocky ’65
  • 1996 – Linda Deutsch ’65
  • 1995 – David J. Burke ’71
  • 1994 – Nanscy Neiman ’69
  • 1993 – Eugene Iadanza ’70
  • 1992 – Denis Gallagher ’76
  • 1991 – William Rauch, III ’61
  • 1990 – Raymond D. Cotton ’65
  • 1989 – Della N. Garrabrant ’66, Harold L. Hodes ’65
  • 1988 – John C. Manna ’62
  • 1987 – Charles W. Ritscher ’59
  • 1986 – Bartholomew P. Donohue, III ’60, Mitchell E. Shivers ’70
  • 1985 – Constantine Kamnitsis ’66
  • 1984 – Karl Gordinier ’62, Yvonne Thornton M.D., ’69
  • 1983 – Royal E. Fliedner ’51, Wayman F. Smith, III ’63

Deb Mannix ’83

Outstanding Alumni Service Award

Deb Mannix portrait photo

Position: Senior Financial Advisor and Assistant Vice President, Merrill Lynch

Degree Program: B.S. Business Administration with a concentration in Finance

Student Engagement Activities: Head Resident Hall Assistant, Gamma Gamma Sigma

For over a decade, Deb has been an active alumna volunteer. Aside from attending signature alumni events and athletics games, Deb has volunteered her time in support of academic initiatives including: former chair of the Business Council, member of the Business Council’s Steering Committee, involvement in the Career Discovery Series, and a guest speaker on business strategy. Deb has also served on the Holiday Ball Committee, which exists to plan and support Monmouth’s annual gala to raise funds for student scholarship. In addition to volunteering her time, Deb and her husband Craig have decided to join the Shadow Lawn Society, Monmouth’s planned giving recognition society.

Above all, Deb enjoys her volunteer commitment as a mentor for the Leon Hess Business School students, helping to place business students in internship and career paths, so they can achieve their professional goals.

Additional Activities

  • Active member of Shore WINS, a women’s networking group in Monmouth County, NJ
  • Avid volunteer at many charitable foundations, including the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation and Mater Dei Women’s Leadership Program. Mentors young professionals through Women’s Unlimited
  • Founder of Vertical Vixens, a national women’s ski club

Advice for Monmouth Students

“Never let fear stop you from taking on the next challenge.”

Past Award Recipients for the Alumni Service Award (ASA) and Volunteer of the Year Award (VOTY)

  • 2016 – Anthony Aquila ’73 ’77M (VOTY)
  • 2015 – Henry Hansch III ’00 & Lauren Hansch (VOTY)
  • 2014 – Jack Wagner ’97 (ASA)
  • 2013 – Keri Branin ’95 ’98M (ASA)
    Joseph Adelhardt ’81 (ASA)
    George Marucci ’75 (VOTY)
  • 2012 – Peter R. Bruckmann ’70 (ASA)
    Anne ’81M and Denis ’68 ’77M Hruza (VOTY)
  • 2011 – Charles J. Trabold ’65 (ASA)
    Richard L. Ricciardi ’86M (VOTY)
    Douglas Stives (VOTY)
  • 2010 – John S. Buzza ’71 (ASA)
    Kathleen West Rapp ’70 ’80 (VOTY)
    James B. Barlow, Sr. (VOTY)
  • 2009 – Patrice Murray ’82 ’89 (ASA)
    Kate Stevens ’02 (VOTY)
    Thomas P. Stevens ’71 (VOTY)
    Teri and Ross ’82M Zimmerman (VOTY)
  • 2008 – Henni Kantor Kessler ’68 (ASA)
    Christine Clericuzio ’04 (VOTY)
    Nancy Kane Leidersdorff ’97 (VOTY)
    Mark Lassen (VOTY)
  • 2007 – Gary H. Barnett ’63 (ASA)
    Marilyn Egolf Rocky ’65 (VOTY)
    James P. Hickey, Jr. (VOTY)
  • 2006 – Jeffrey F. Cross ’68 (ASA)
    Judith Cerciello ’96 (VOTY)
    Loretta Huddy (VOTY)
  • 2005 – Patricia Swannack ’02 (ASA)
    Karl D. Gordinier ’62 (VOTY)
    Victoria Fowler (VOTY)
  • 2004 – Charles T. Parton HN ’01 (ASA)
    Peter R. Bruckmann ’70 (VOTY)
  • 2003 – Kenneth F. LePosa ’71 (ASA)
    Jack Wagner ’97 (VOTY)
  • 2002 – Marti Sarason Egger ’81 (ASA)
    Cheryl L. Szabo ’98 ’01 (VOTY)
  • 2001 – Gregory W. Bordiuk ’79 (ASA)
    William B. McLaughlin ’97 (VOTY)
  • 2000 – Stephen J. Muscarella ’74 (ASA)
    Maureen O’Connell Bay ’75 (VOTY)
  • 1999 – Bea Kachelriess ’91 MBA(ASA)
    Kenneth F. LePosa ’71 (VOTY)
  • 1998 – James P. Mack ’63 (ASA)
    Elliott B. Adler ’71 (VOTY)
    Donna L. Marino ’94 (VOTY)
  • 1997 – Hon. Eugene A. Iadanza ’70 (ASA)
    Thomas A. Porskievies ’82 ’86 (VOTY)
  • 1996 – Karl D. Gordinier ’62 (ASA)
    Maxine Langbein ’76 (VOTY)
  • 1995 – James M. Copio ’78 (ASA)
    Tracy Armstrong Khaleel ’88 (VOTY)
  • 1994 – Donald R. Burnaford ’72 (ASA)

Dante Barry ’10

Recent Alumni Award

Dante Barry portrait photo

Position: Executive Director and Co-Founder, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice

Degree Program: B.A. Political Science

Student Engagement Activities: Educational Opportunity Fund, Phi Kappa Psi, Student Government Association, Admissions Ambassador

Dante serves as the Executive Director of Million Hoodies Movement for Justice (MHJ) is a human rights organization dedicated to ending gun violence and reimagining safety and justice for all communities. MHJ partners with leaders and advocates to advance state reform through advocacy, public education, coalition-building, and research. Since its inception, Dante has worked hard to “promote strategies to stop the cycle of violence and build healthy communities.”

“I still remember Monmouth’s tagline when I started as a freshman, ‘Where Leaders Look Forward,'” says Dante. “That tagline is what excited me to start college and embark on an educational journey that could help develop me as a leader.”


  • Named in Revolt TV’s New Leaders of Social Justice and The Root’s list of 100 black influencers
  • A frequent commentator to Al Jazeera America, Dante has also appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, NPR, and MSNBC. He also writes extensively on racial justice and participatory democracy for The Nation, MSNBC, HuffPost, Ebony, Truthout, and more.

Advice for Monmouth Students
“Be courageous, take risks; but always grounded in community.”