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Videos: UCI Student Panel Roundtable

Six current and former students who have engaged in UCI-sponsored research and special projects participated in a special Student Panel Roundtable on April 19. The event, held in conjunction with Monmouth University’s first annual Student Scholarship Week, gave panelists the opportunity to describe innovative UCI projects that are underway or were completed and how the work is furthering their professional and educational goals. Scroll down for video segments from the event.

Morissa Schwartz, Class of ’17 (Graduate Program), Corporate & Public Communications

Tatiana Castro, Class of ’16, Marine Environmental Biology & Policy

Adam Schwartz, Class of ’16, Graphic & Interactive Design

DeMond Timmons, Class of ’11, BS Marine Environmental Biology & Policy

Chris Cavaiola, Class of ’12, MA Public Policy

Keith Leonard, Class of ‘13, BS Marine, Environmental Biology & Policy

Question: How has your research work with the UCI/Monmouth University furthered your professional or educational goals?

Question: Why did you choose Monmouth University for your graduate studies?