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Urban Coast Institute

Research Vessels, Equipment and Field Activities

vessel and field activities
The UCI operates three vessels for research and field activities: the 49-foot R/V Heidi Lynn Sculthorpe, the 27-foot R/V Seahawk and the 18-foot R/V Little Hawk. The UCI also owns a collection of cutting-edge technologies used for measuring, mapping and exploring subsurface features, such as shorelines and submerged obstructions. The UCI supports vessel and field activities for:

  • Student and faculty research efforts
  • Local, state and federal agencies
  • Consulting and engineering firms
  • NGOs and other institutions

To learn more about the UCI’s vessels, equipment and activities, view the fact sheets below.

A Day at Sea with the Urban Coast Institute

Spend ‘A Day At Sea’ with UCI marine scientist Jim Nickels and his students as they scan underwater wreckage.