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Research Vessels, Equipment and Field Activities

vessel and field activitiesThe UCI operates three vessels for research and field activities: the 49-foot R/V Heidi Lynn Sculthorpe, the 27-foot R/V Seahawk and the 18-foot R/V Little Hawk. The UCI also owns a collection of cutting-edge technologies used for measuring, mapping and exploring subsurface features, such as shorelines and submerged obstructions. The UCI supports vessel and field activities for:

  • Student and faculty research efforts
  • Local, state and federal agencies
  • Consulting and engineering firms
  • NGOs and other institutions

To learn more about the UCI’s vessels, equipment and activities, view the fact sheets below.

Track the Heidi Lynn Live

Track Monmouth University’s R/V Heidi Lynn Sculthorpe in real-time!

Eyes on the Storm: Using Gliders for Hurricane Research

Step aboard the R/V Heidi Lynn Sculthorpe as UCI Marine Scientist Jim Nickels, Monmouth University student Bryce McCall, and Rutgers University scientists deploy a pair of U.S Navy gliders off the New Jersey coast.

Maritime Archaeology at Monmouth University

Through this unique course, students explore the underwater history of New Jersey through readings, lectures and fieldwork, including the use of side-scan sonar and camera-equipped remote operated vehicle technologies in area waters.