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John Hammond with Billy Hector

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April 5, 2013 | 8:00 PM | Pollak Theatre

As musical pedigrees go, they don’t come much more awesome than being the son of legendary record man and activist John H. Hammond — the same Hammond who’s credited with discovering everyone from Basie to Billie Holliday, Bob Dylan to the Boss. That said, John Paul Hammond has indisputably forged a name for himself as a master blues guitarist — a Grammy winning purist whose recording career of 50-plus years attests to his laserlike focus and disdain of musical fad or fashion, even as he’s racked up successful collaborations with the likes of Tom Waits, Dr. John, Duane Allman, Robbie Robertson, and G. Love.

With acoustic blues having been rediscovered — as it has been every so often, by a new generation of fans — Hammond stands uniquely poised to “show them how it’s done” when he takes the stage of the Pollak Theatre, a room that’s been praised as a premier venue for acoustic guitarists. The Blues Hall of Famer who once boasted both Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix in his band remains an artist with impeccable taste in music, his instrument, and the audience he plays to. 

Opening the show will be local living legend and award-winning blues guitarist and songwriter Billy Hector.

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Cost: $30

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