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Women in Science and Mathematics at Monmouth University Mission Statement

Faculty members from Monmouth’s School of Science participate in a lecture for the Women in Science group on The Gender Gap in Education by Nancy Mezey.

Women in Science and Mathematics at Monmouth University (WiSM@MU) is a professional and social support and networking group for faculty and staff in the School of Science. WiSM@MU seeks to create a community that will eventually encompass students and facilitate discussions that promote understanding among diverse individuals, both male and female. We will compile and discuss research and statistics on bias affecting women and other underrepresented groups in science and mathematics to ensure progress towards a more equitable environment for all. We seek to leverage discussions of faculty development for women in science into improvements to School of Science faculty development plans and protocols for all faculty.

WiSM@MU will support role model and mentor opportunities for faculty and students and foster connections to regional and national networking groups for women in science.  We welcome participation by male members of the MU community.