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  • Alumni Professional Mentoring Program:
    Student Reflections

    Natella Zaslavsky
    Natella Zaslavsky, ’14

    Mentor: Ashley Corlew, Life Coach for Declarations, Inc

    Learning about Ashley's career and her path to get there was a very enlightening experience. I was able to learn about a profession that I was not even aware of…I am very lucky to have been chosen to participate in the alumni mentoring program. It made me realize the wide array of careers, that I did not even realize existed, that could be pursued with a Psychology degree. Most importantly, I loved the experience of being able to learn from someone currently in the field.

    -- Natella Zaslavsky, Class of 2014

    Erin Hughes
    Erin Hughes, ’16  

    Mentor: Victoria Drake, Analyst, Digital Ad Sales Research Team at Nickelodeon

     I took away from this experience that to be successful one has to work hard not just in the classroom but outside as well. Taking initiative and participating in outside activities is one of the most beneficial things a student can do. Victoria also suggested that to get a good position, it is about your skills, experiences, and what you can put on your resume. Being a part of the mentoring program gave me insight on what I need to do to be successful. It was a motivator to do well in school and to take hold of the opportunities Monmouth offers. In times when the job market is so exclusive, it is wonderful to hear that Monmouth University students are successful in the real world.

    -- Erin Hughes, Class of 2016 

    Matthew Lang
    Matthew Lang, ’15 

    Mentor: Steven Daley, Human Resource Manager, Chubb Group of Insurance Companies 

     The Alumni Mentoring Program provided me with the opportunity to connect with a Monmouth Psychology graduate who currently works in Human Resources for an insurance company. My alumni mentor provided me with valuable information about the HR field, about the related legal field of employee relations, and about undergraduate courses that would help me in my future career. I appreciate the opportunity to have been placed with a successful graduate who was truly able to provide me with information and advice about not only my future career, but also the remainder of my coursework at Monmouth.

    -- Matthew Lang, Class of 2015