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Banner Image for Student Scholarship Week 2021

Celebrating the Research, Creative, and Service Accomplishments of MU Students

Wednesday April 21, 2021

Academic Citizens

Students using research and scholarship explore problems and issues in search for a solution. Projects cover a wide range of topics including crime, healthcare burnout, career preparedness for college students, security, creative expression, culture, communication, social justice, eating disorders, social media, mental illness, cost analysis, and accounting solutions.

Live HawkTalk Presentations

Public History in Practice Live Event
1:15 – 2:00 p.m.

Moderated by: Melissa Ziobro, Specialist Professor, Department of History and Anthropology

  • Matthew Berger, Senior, History
  • Gillian Demetriou, Senior, History
  • Rowan Elrais, Junior, History/Elementary Education
  • Samantha Walton, Sophomore, English

Diverse Student Performances Exploring Culture, Resistance, and Social Justice
4:30 – 5:30 p.m.

  • Manny Christian, Senior, Communication
  • Penelope Elliott, Senior, Communication
  • Daviyon Johnson, Sophomore, Communication
  • Jalen Jones, Junior, Communication
  • A’Liah Moore, Junior, Communication
  • Eben Owusu, Senior, Communication
  • Janelle Ramirez, Sophomore, Communication
  • Brian S. Salinas, Sophomore, Communication

Asynchronous Video Presentations

Rook Coffee’s Cost Behavior

  • Joey Bartusek, Junior, Accounting
  • Allen Gonsalves, Senior, Accounting
  • Anthony Granite, Senior, Accounting
  • Daniella Messercola, Junior, Accounting
  • Kostandinos Tsoukalis, Junior, Accounting

The Detrimental Effects Body Image and Beauty Standards Has on Young Athletes

  • Alexis Gerbasio, Junior, Marketing


Outsourced Portal for Accountants

  • Tyler Gordon, Senior, Accounting

Photo shows opening title for Came to Win video presentation by Jenae Louis-Jacques - Click or tap to view video presentation

“Came To Win”: Songwriting for Film and Television

  • Jenae Louis-Jacques, Sophomore, Mathematics


Music, the Voice, and Emotions

  • Victor Montanaro, Senior, Psychology

In Nurses Who Experience Higher Rates of Burnout Does the Implementation of Self-care Strategies and Stress Management Interventions, As Opposed to Seeking No Treatment Options, Reduce Nursing Staff Turnover Rates?

  • Mary Pomponio, Junior, Nursing


IDM (Interactive Digital Media) Research Lab Student Projects 2020-2021

  • Lauren Abreu, Senior, Communication
  • Josh Miller, Senior, Communication
  • Shimriya Richard, Graduate Student, Communication
  • Darci Santella, Graduate Student, Communication/Interactive Digital Media
  • Skylar Smith, Junior, Communication
  • Abbey Vergata, Senior, Communication

Using Rhetoric to Connect with Digital, Public Audiences

  • EN 102.H2: College Composition II

Asynchronous Poster Presentations