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Vice Provost for Graduate Studies Co-Authors New Genetics Textbook

Vice Provost for Graduate Studies Michael Palladino, Ph.D., was part of the authorship team for the 10th edition of “Essentials of Genetics” recently published by Pearson.

Palladino joined the project starting with the 7th edition and authors chapters on the genetics of sex determination, gene cloning and sequencing, recombinant DNA technology, genomics and biotechnology, genetic testing, and gene therapy.

The lead author, William S. Klug, Ph.D., emeritus professor at The College of New Jersey, was one of Palladino’s undergraduate professors and advisors. Co-authors include Michael R. Cummings, Ph.D., from the Illinois Institute of Technology; Charlotte A. Spencer, Ph.D., from the University of Alberta; and new to the project for this edition Darrell J. Killian, Ph.D., from Colorado College.

The 10th edition includes expanded coverage of CRISPR-Cas genome editing, new features that give instructors options for incorporating ethics into a genetics course, and new special topics chapters on genetic testing and neurogenetics to go along with updated special topics chapters on genetically-modified foods, DNA forensics, gene therapy, epigenetics, and precision medicine.

“Essentials” is regularly used by more than 200 institutions annually in the United States, Asia, Asia, Australia, Canada and Europe.