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Head shot of Prof. Gac-Artigas at Monmouth University

“Un poète dans la ville” Translation by Prof. Gac-Artigas Published in France

Priscilla Gac-Artigas, Ph.D. professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature in the Department of World Languages and Cultures, had her French translation of the Spanish poetry collection “Un poète dans la ville / Un poeta en la ciudad” by Chilean poet Gustavo Gac-Artigas published by Éditions l’Harmattan, Paris, France, in its prestigious collection “Poètes des cinq continents” which ‘welcomes contemporary poets among the most globally renowned and cultivates a multicultural approach to the spoken and written poetic word of our era while remaining sensitive to the relationship between poetry and philosophy and promoting multilingualism.’ The director of “Poètes des cinq continents” is the renowned French poet-philosopher Philippe Tancelin.

This is the third book of translated poetry published by Gac-Artigas, following the trilingual collection “Deseos / Longings / J’aimerais tant” which she translated, with Andrea G. Labinger, into French, and English and “Hombre de América / Man of the Americas” which she also translated into English, along with Labinger. The latter was listed as a finalist for the International Book Award 2023, in the contemporary poetry category.

Gac-Artigas is a Fulbright Scholar, a full member of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language (ANLE by its acronym in Spanish), and a correspondent member of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE by its acronym in Spanish).