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The group projects include a website for Peace for Paws (an animal welfare organization based in Ohio), an online energy evaluation system for power plants, and a software support website for Muka Development Group’s Breakthrough software application.

Students Julian Alessi, Reginald McLeod, William Salgado, and Guriqbal Singh built a complete website for Peace for Paws.  Peace for Paws helps find permanent homes for both dogs and cats from shelters around Ohio, especially animals that are in danger of being euthanized.  The website allows the general public to search for pets based on many criteria such as size, gender, location, and most importantly, by euthanasia date. It also allows the shelter and rescue staff to keep track of an animal status and facilitate the adoptions. This project is part of IBM’s program Software for a Cause, where volunteers build software to assist non-profit organizations to achieve their goals.

Students Jenna Cable, James Pareja, and Michael Perini developed an online energy evaluation system to help industrial plants manage their electrical load to reduce energy costs. The system allows the user to create a custom energy profile that mirrors their energy usage.  Based on the defined energy loads, the system is able to calculate the daily energy usage, daily energy cost, and the power factor. The system is also able to create a total power usage chart based on data from the last twenty-four hours. The users of the system will be power plants as well as any companies who wish to reduce their energy costs.

Students Robert Bell, Alexander Muka, and Enoabasi Sunday created a software support website for Muka Development Group’s Breakthrough software application.  This project will allow clients of Breakthrough software to have access to training videos, frequently asked questions, and new features of the product for each new version of the system.

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