Monmouth University School of Education’s Dean, Dr. Lynn Romeo, was recently appointed to the Red Bank Charter School Board of Trustees. The Red Bank Charter School is a K-8 non-profit, non-partisan public school serving Red Bank children. Meredith Pennotti, the school’s administrator, is a Monmouth University alumna.

The school is one of eighteen charter schools to be nationally honored as a 2011 Gold-Gain School by the New Leaders for New Schools’ Effective Practice Incentive Community (EPIC) for their outstanding gains in student achievement.  Their mission is grounded in the beliefs that, “all children can learn, all children must care for themselves and others, and all children should contribute to their larger world.”  Their approach is to have one small diverse class (no more than 20 students) per grade that is taught by one teacher and an adjunct teacher.

Monmouth University’s School of Education and the charter school recently formed a university-school partnership. A literacy course for candidates majoring in elementary or middle school is held at the charter school and taught by Dr. Mary Lee Bass. Professor Kathy Rapp is collaborating with upper grade teachers on integrating literacy into the content areas.  Sophomores, under the leadership of Professor Kerry Rizzuto, are beginning a community service project, the Literacy Lab, at the school to provide an after-school literacy program to young children.

Dean Romeo commented “I am honored to serve on the board of trustees and work closely with the school’s personnel and families.”