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Profs. Scott and Daigle Publish on Property Tax Assessment Inequalities

Robert H. Scott III, Ph.D., and Jonathan A. Daigle, Ph.D., professors in the department of Economics, Finance, and Real Estate, recently published their article, “Shoring up property tax assessment inequities in Monmouth County, New Jersey.” The article was featured in Vol. 19, Iss. 2 of The Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration.

Scott and Daigle examine whether Monmouth County’s Real Property Assessment Demonstration Program (ADP), which was intended to improve real property tax assessment fairness and efficiency, has actually reduced tax assessment inequalities. Using data from the past six years, Scott and Daigle analyze the effectiveness of Monmouth County’s ADP by comparing assessed values to actual sales and controlling for town-level effects.

The authors conclude through empirical evidence that “both vertical and horizontal inequity of residential property tax assessments decreased after ADP implementation, but progressive tax assessment inequities still persist within the county.”

The full article is available for members of the IAAO Research Exchange.