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Jing Zhou's poster exhibited in the Ban Ki-moon Centre Virtual Exhibition about Global Citizenship

Professor Zhou Exhibits Poster Design at Ban Ki-moon Center Virtual Exhibition

Jing Zhou, MFA, associate professor of Art and Design, exhibits her poster design “Sustainability” at the BKMC Virtual Exhibition on Global Citizenship. More than 200 individual posters from over 45 different countries from each continent were submitted to the BKMC Poster Design Competition depicting a world of solidarity, diversity, and equality through global citizenship. The jury committee consisted of the Austrian renowned graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, African Youth Envoy Aya Chebbi, as well as Co-chairs Ban Ki-moon and Heinz Fischer. This exhibition showcases 36 selected posters of the BKMC design competition and aims to summarize the broad scope of global citizenship visions.

The world population will soon reach eight billion and an estimated 10 billion in 2060. Without proper management of resource use and long-term maintenance of responsibility, our planet Earth won’t be able to sustain the condition for human well-being. Zhou’s poster visualizes this pressure of the growing population on Earth.

Jing Zhou's Poster Sustainability