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Professor Myerson Publishes New Book on Lean Thinking and Supply Chain Management

Paul Myerson, professor in the Department of Management and Decision Sciences at Monmouth University, has released his new book Lean Demand-Driven Procurement. In his book, Myerson focuses on the basics of supply management such as sourcing, procurement, and purchasing, while also identifying improvement tools and practices written from a “lean perspective” in order to improve the overall supply chain process.  Lean principles, or lean thinking, are concepts used in business to help minimize waste.

Myerson earned a bachelor’s in business logistics from Pennsylvania State University as well as an MBA in physical distribution from Temple University. Myerson has worked in the field for 30 years gaining extensive knowledge and professional experience in supply chain management, logistics strategies and operations systems. His expertise has resulted in improvements for numerous companies such as General Electric (GE) and Unilever.  Myerson has been teaching at Monmouth University since 2017.