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Prof. Willow Publishes in “Journal of Technology Research”

Charles Willow, Ph.D., associate professor of management and leadership in the Leon Hess Business School, recently published a peer-reviewed article in the “Journal of Technology Research” (Vol. 11). Titled, “Business Data Analytics Framework for Digital Health Informatics,” the paper develops and presents a novel data model framework to allow real-time, synchronous access and sharing of secured patient data across the group of global medical specialists.

“Digital Data Industries are expecting the next disruptive era of the global market,” Willow concludes in his paper. “Driven by real-time Big Data, high demand is expected to transform many existing analog devices into digital Internet of Things (IoT).”

A major contribution of this research includes prevention and early medical intervention for metabolic disease. Both the World Health Organization and American Medical Association concur on placing metabolic disease relatively higher in medical intervention classification.

Willow’s plans to further extend this research include “management of Innovation to fully digitize medical devices; extensions of the medical network of Internet of Things (IoT), including but not restricted to surgery robotics; and development of Data-Analytics Business Model to accommodate the Pharmaceuticals to complete the Medical Industry Network as a new Value Chain for the [fourth] Industrial Revolution.”