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Prof. Morano Delivers Keynote Address at Regional Conference

John Morano, professor of communication, delivered the keynote address at the New Jersey Site Remediation Professionals Annual Conference at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick on June 15.

Morano spoke to attendees on the topic of “How Individuals Can Make an Environmental Difference,” explaining, “While most people are not in a position to write Warren Buffet or Bill Gates-sized checks and cannot throw a mountain of money at a problem to make a difference, that, of course, does not mean there’s nothing people can do to address environmental concerns.”

Morano went on to discuss how he decided to focus his writing career on environmental issues. His novels use endangered species and imperiled habitats as main characters and primary settings, employing the journalistic ethic of “giving a voice to the voiceless.”

Following the address, Shawn LaTourette, the commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, urged conference-goers to exceed what New Jersey regulations currently call for in an effort to prepare for greater environmental challenges that are inevitable. 

After his presentation, Morano signed copies of his novels, The Morano Eco-Adventure Book Series, which has been endorsed by The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, Oceana, The Rachel Carson Center, The Ocean Conservancy and other world-class environmental organizations. The Grateful Dead and Phish’s Waterwheel Foundation have also supported Morano’s work.

The New Jersey Site Remediation Professionals is a large organization of individuals and companies that address environmental issues in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and the surrounding area.