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Douglas S. Collier outside the Great Hall

Prof. Collier Delivers Keynote Presentation at LEAD Summit

Douglas Collier, DEA (Ret)., adjunct professor and director of professional outreach in the Department of Criminal Justice, recently presented as a keynote speaker at the Law Enforcement Against Drugs and Violence (LEAD) National Leadership and Community Solutions Summit in Atlantic City.

His presentation, “The Reality of Marijuana Use During Adolescent Years … ‘It’s Just Marijuana’,” included Collier’s research on states in which marijuana has been legalized and the increase in its use among youth.

Collier also discussed the increase in health concerns for minors, the sales of edibles often targeting youth, and the increase poisoning in children and in emergency department and hospital visits.

Prior to Monmouth, Collier worked with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Drug Enforcement Administration in the New York Field Division, worked in New Jersey offices, including Atlantic City, Paterson, and Newark, and the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General in the Department of Law and Public Safety, the Division of Criminal Justice, Prosecutor Supervision and Training Bureau.

He additionally assisted in developing the statewide initiative Community Law Enforcement Affirmative Relations Continuing Education Institute.