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Randall Abate to deliver lecture

Prof. Abate to Deliver Lectures at Oxford and Cambridge

Randall Abate, J.D., director of the Institute for Global Understanding and professor in the Department of Political Science and Sociology, will present three separate lectures at two of the most recognized universities in the world over a two-day period. The series begins with two speaking engagements at Oxford University on June 8, and a third at Cambridge University on June 9.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to deliver three lectures in the span of 24 hours at two of the top universities in the world. I look forward to an enriching discussion with professors, postdoctoral researchers, and Ph.D. students from a variety of disciplines at both schools on climate change law and justice, and the parallels and synergies between animal law and environmental law,” Abate said.

Abate will begin the series with his lecture, “Animal Law and Environmental Law: Parallels and Synergies,” and address some of the key themes of his book, “What Can Animal Law Learn from Environmental Law?He will additionally provide case studies to illustrate how both fields can learn from one another and work together to secure mutual gains. The engagement is presented by the Animal Law Discussion Group of Faculty of Law at Oxford and accessible via Zoom. Registration is required for the event.

Later in the evening, Abate will attend the Sustainability Formal presented by the Green Templeton College at Oxford where he will present his second lecture of the day, “Climate Change and the Protection of Future Generations.” Throughout the discussion, Abate will identify the vulnerabilities of future generations in the Anthropocene era and then review select youth climate cases from around the world. The event is private and closed to participants outside of the college.

The following day, Abate will discuss his lecture, “Standing in Global Climate Litigation: Learning from Best Practices,” through the Centre for Environment, Energy, and Natural Resource Governance (CEENRG) at Cambridge. The virtual lecture is a part of an online seminar series presented by the CEENRG and will survey case studies in select countries to examine how and why standing has been an obstacle in climate litigation, particularly in the U.S. The lecture will be available via Zoom and requires registration.

Abate will also present the same lecture at The Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen on June 13. Registration is required for the event.