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School of Education Principals’ Academy 2nd Session: “Using Your Leadership Styles to Implement Change – Transformational Leadership”

The second session of the Principals’ Academy, held on Wednesday December 2, 2015 and titled “Using Your Leadership Styles to Implement Change – Transformational Leadership”, was presented by Mr. Edward Aldarelli, Principal of West Freehold School.

Mr. Aldarelli’s presentation began with a discussion of leadership behaviors that motivate staff both extrinsically and intrinsically. The points he emphasized focused on:

  • Individualized Motivation – making that personalized connection with staff;
  • Intellectual Motivation – encouraging creativity;
  • Idealized Influence – being a role model for staff; and
  • Inspirational Motivation – guiding and inspiring staff.

Mr. Aldarelli talked further regarding how principals should focus on the human assets they have in their buildings and capitalize on them. He concluded the presentation by stating that principals should set the direction for their schools by reaffirming all the positive aspects of what people are doing and redesigning how the school could improve.