School of Nursing and Health Studies Professor Sharon W. Stark was guest editor for this issue. Articles were written by faculty members including:

  • Cira Fraser – Family Issues Associated with Military Deployment, Family Violence, and Military Sexual Trauma
  • Laura Jannone – Community Services for Victims of Interpersonal Violence
  • Laura Kelly – “I Know It Shouldn’t But It Still Hurts” Bullying and Adults: Implications and Interventions
  • Rose Knapp – The Impact of Interpersonal Violence on Health Care
  • Janet Mahoney – Types of Abuse
  • Mary Ann Troiano – Child Abuse
  • Sharon Stark – Blind and Deaf, Dumb: Why Elder Abuse Goes Unidentified

This issue of Nursing Clinics of North America is formatted in chronological order beginning with descriptions of various types of abuse and specific writings about abuse across the lifespan, child abuse, bullying, and elder abuse and their prevalence. The impact of abuse on individuals, families, health care, and society is detailed in writing regarding abuse and depression. Some experts believe that exposure to abuse and violence is a contributing factor to chronic disease. Such long-term health consequences have a negative economic impact on society, costing billions of dollars each year.

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